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23 Jun. 2022


Work and the war: how the labor market in Ukraine has changed



Work and the war: how the labor market in Ukraine has changed

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As a result of the full-scale war, 4.8 million Ukrainians lost their jobs. This is stated in a report from the UN. And 12 job seekers are currently applying for 1 vacancy at the State Employment Center. Who are employers looking for during the war?

During the war, the most popular professions in Ukraine were builders, utility workers, and drivers, said Yulia Zhovtyak, director of the State Employment Center, during a briefing. She also noted, that a large number of vacancies now exist in the processing industry and in trade. 

In general, the demand for working specialties in Ukraine is increasing. Most often employers are looking for installers, loaders, assemblers and packers of goods. Also the most popular professions include salespeople, cashiers, pharmacists, farmers and IT professionals. The latter, by the way, are one of those who suffered the least losses due to the war, because they have the opportunity to work remotely.

As for which professions will be relevant in the coming years in Ukraine, the profession of a builder will remain relevant for a long time. Specialists will also be needed in agriculture, food production, wholesale and retail trade, logistics, production of chemical products, electrical equipment, and furniture.

The President's Office has already noted that after the war, graduates of vocational education institutions will be "worth their weight in gold."

At the same time, a recent study by Coursera indicates that Ukrainians are among the best workers in the world. According to the scale of general qualification, we took 21st place, ahead of such countries as Great Britain, Georgia, Hungary, Spain, the Baltic countries, and others. In terms of technical skills, Ukraine ranks 8th in the world, following Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, and, surprisingly, Belarus.

But in terms of business skills, Ukraine was classified as "lagging": there we took 5th place, although ahead of Israel, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.

In turn, the Ukrainian government recently announced a large-scale program to support entrepreneurs to stimulate job creation and economic development. Who exactly will receive grants and soft loans, read in the article.