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24 Jun. 2022


An Education and Development Center for refugees from Ukraine has been established in Warsaw

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An Education and Development Center for refugees from Ukraine has been established in Warsaw

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A Center for Education and Development was established in Warsaw to support and adapt Ukrainian refugees. It opened its doors to visitors on June 15. Adults and children from the age of 5 are invited to free development classes and consultations.

The center employs specialists in various fields: psychologists, psychotherapists, speech therapists, speech pathologists, and teachers.

The work of the center can be divided into several areas:

• Children's and Youth Club - social and educational support for children from Ukraine. Workshops, games, and developmental classes for preschool children. Pupils and teenagers are invited to the talent club - creative, artistic, acting, and musical training.

• Psychological and pedagogical support - most Ukrainians currently suffer from psychological trauma caused by the war and need qualified help. Specialists of the center offer consultations for children, their parents, guardians, and educators from Ukraine (therapeutic master classes, art therapy, developmental classes, meetings with a psychologist - individual and in groups).

• Polish language courses will soon be available at the center - language skills will help children and teenagers to start studying more easily, and for adults, the absence of a language barrier will help them find work faster.

• Trainings for Polish and Ukrainian teachers - working with foreign students requires certain knowledge from teachers: it is necessary to focus on the needs of children, their expectations, as well as to carry out integration activities. That is why master classes for teachers are planned on the basis of the center in cooperation with the Warsaw Center for Education, Social Innovation and Training.

• Computer room.

• Volunteer center.

Work schedule and contacts

The Education and Development Center is located in Warsaw at: Towarowa, 25A, on the 2nd floor of an office building.

Metro station: Rondo daszyńskiego

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00, Sunday closed.

You can get more detailed information, read the class schedule and follow the news on the official Facebook page of the center.