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07 Jul. 2022


Israel canceled electronic entry permits for Ukrainians: clarification from the Embassy regarding entry

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Israel canceled electronic entry permits for Ukrainians: clarification from the Embassy regarding entry

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The Embassy of Ukraine in Israel informs that, according to the decision of the competent authorities of Israel, on 04.07.2022, the requirement to obtain a prior permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel to enter the country was canceled. Thus, citizens of Ukraine and their friends invited by them to Israel no longer need to obtain electronic permits. This decision applies to citizens of Ukraine who are planning a trip to Israel for tourist purposes.

🟢 To enter Israel, you must have a valid international passport. A citizen of Ukraine who enters Israel under the visa-free regime should be prepared to documentally justify the purpose of the trip at the airport since the authority to make the final decision regarding admission to the territory of the country belongs to the employee of the border service of the State of Israel. For example, it is advisable for tourists to have a return ticket, confirmation of hotel reservation and purchase of a tourist product, an amount of funds sufficient for the planned stay in Israel, as well as a health insurance policy.

🟢 Persons entering as a guest or for treatment should have a personal invitation with the personal and contact details of the host/hospital. A return ticket and sufficient funds are also required.

You should also consider:

1. Passengers arriving in Israel must fill out the declaration of a person entering Israel 10 days before entering Israel at the link 

2. The traveler must fill in his personal details and those of people traveling with him, a health declaration, information on vaccination or recovery status, as well as details of the isolation address during quarantine. The holder of a digital vaccination certificate to be verified must scan it in advance or upload their document of vaccination or recovery to the Declaration and obtain a Green Pass before boarding the plane. Also, make sure you have an insurance policy that should cover expenses related to the illness due to COVID-19.

3. More details are available at the link 

In view of the cases of refusal of Ukrainians to cross the border or lengthy verification of the reasons for entering the country, which forces citizens of Ukraine to wait hours for the results of the checks, the Embassy recommends that Ukrainians take the following into account before traveling to Israel:

🔴 Israel does not accept temporarily displaced citizens of Ukraine (refugees);

🔴 The Embassy urges citizens of Ukraine to take into account the above information and not to enter Israel if they have a negative visa history (for example, those persons who have previously been to Israel and violated the visa regime, i.e. were in the country illegally. Also note that if your relatives are currently in Israel illegally, you will also be refused entry).

🔴 In the event of a refusal to enter Israel, a person has the right to appeal the decision of the Israeli border service within 48 hours in a court of law. For this, the person needs to authorize a local lawyer, who will decide the issue of lifting the ban in court. While the case is pending, such a person will be in a special immigration center.

Earlier, the Embassy reported that all citizens of Ukraine who were legally in Israel as of February 24, 2022, and those who entered the country later had their visas automatically extended until July 30, 2022. That is, you do not need to contact the offices of the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs to extend the validity of a tourist visa. In the event of the hostilities prolongation in Ukraine, the period of stay of Ukrainian citizens must be extended by the Israeli Interior Ministry.