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09 Jul. 2022


Ukraine is preparing for a new wave of COVID-19: where to get a booster dose?



Ukraine is preparing for a new wave of COVID-19: where to get a booster dose?

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In Ukraine, there is a threat of a new COVID-19 wave against the background of an increase in the disease incidence in recent months, - said Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko. According to him, in the last week alone, the number of patients increased by 12% - from 943 recorded cases to 1,018.

The Minister assures that there are enough tests, drugs and vaccines for the treatment of COVID-19 in Ukraine. At the same time, the Ministry of Health urges Ukrainians to complete the full course of vaccination and take a booster dose.

Recommendations for the implementation of boosters correspond to the statements of the WHO in Europe. A high level of the incidence of COVID-19 is expected there for the next two months. Thus, in June, 53 European countries included in the WHO classification recorded 500,000 new cases of the disease daily, compared to 150,000 infections on the European continent in May. Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, and Portugal are currently anti-leaders in the spread of the infection. Italy, whose death toll from COVID-19 is ranks the 8th highest in the world, has confirmed a return to February infection rates, while Poland has seen its number of cases double in the past week alone.

The WHO says that the cancellation of previous social anti-epidemic measures and the increase in travel, mass gatherings and events in the summer are to blame. They recommend completing the vaccination course, observing hand hygiene and the mask regime, as well as taking an additional dose of the vaccine if possible.

Currently, in Ukraine, a booster dose is recommended to be administered between 6 and 9 months after receiving the basic course of vaccination against COVID-19, the Ministry of Health says. However, if you haven't received your booster within the recommended time frame, you should do so as soon as possible. A vaccination certificate under these conditions will also be available.

Cominarty vaccine from Pfizer and CoronaVac are currently available in Ukraine. An up-to-date list of vaccination points can be found at the link or by calling 16-77.

If you are abroad, you can find information about vaccination in your country at the links of the Ministry of Health: