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15 Jul. 2022


The EU will not recognize Russian passports issued to Ukrainians in a simplified manner



The EU will not recognize Russian passports issued to Ukrainians in a simplified manner

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The European Union condemns the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on a simplified procedure for granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainians and will not recognize these documents. This was announced by the EU representative for foreign and security policy Josep Borrell in a corresponding appeal.

Borel called the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, simplifying the acquisition of Russian citizenship for residents of Ukraine, "a gross violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine, associated with Russia's illegal war."

The appeal itself says that the European Union supports the independence of Ukraine within internationally accepted borders and calls on the Russian Federation to withdraw its troops and equipment from the territory of the state. The EU condemns any attempt by Russia to replace the elected democratic legitimate Ukrainian administrations. As well as attempts to introduce the Russian ruble, impose Russian educational programs and change the language of instruction in schools in the occupied territories.

“Any attempts to change the status of subjects of Ukrainian territory are a clear violation of international law, the UN Charter and the Constitution of Ukraine, they undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will not be recognized by the European Union. Russia, its political leadership and all those involved in violations of international law and international humanitarian law will be held accountable for these illegal actions,” the statement on the website of the EU Council says.

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba also reacted to the situation with the issuance of Russian passports to Ukrainians.

"This decree is worthless and only testifies to Putin's predatory appetites. I urge our partners to react strongly to Putin's new passport fantasies: urgently provide Ukraine with heavier weapons and impose new economic sanctions against Russia," the minister said.

We will remind that on July 11, Putin made changes to the decree of 2019, which simplified the acquisition of citizenship for residents of the "L/DPR", and from May 25 - for residents of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. According to the changes, the President of the Russian Federation allowed all citizens of Ukraine to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner.