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12 Jul. 2022


Hotels without Russians: where to rest abroad not to run into tourists from russia


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Hotels without Russians: where to rest abroad not to run into tourists from russia

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With the beginning of the full-scale war with the Russian Federation, the most popular request for Ukrainian travel agents is a vacation without Russians. Most often, vacations without neighbors from the Russian Federation are asked in Turkey.

In the commentary to RBK Ukraine, Pavlo Golovnenko, director of the Piligrim travel company, says: "There are hotels that are not "sold" on the Russian market at all. For example, the TT Hotels chain, where there are no Russians at all. Such hotels are slowly appearing. In Egypt, I haven't heard of them yet. And Greece has such a policy that they do not depend on our market or on the Russian market - Greek hotels are completely filled with Europeans. Our tourists actively travel by bus to Bulgaria, but there have been no inquiries to this country regarding hotels without Russians ".

Pavlo hopes that in the future more and more hotels will refuse to accept Russian tourists because they focus on the European market.

"Now there are even tour operators who introduce a filter in the selection of tours so that tourists can choose a hotel without Russians. Two weeks ago, I suggested in a profile group for travel agents to compile a list of hotels that do not accommodate tourists from the Russian Federation. Everyone replied, that such a list already exists." - said Pavlo. According to Pavlo's calculations, in general, these constitute 5-10% of the hotels available to Ukrainians in Turkey.

It is important to note that hotels in which there are no Russian tourists are not more expensive than those where they are. In addition, there are also many European tourists who do not want to rest with Russians next to them.

"Hotels without Russians. One of the most popular requests today is where to go for recovery so that you don't have unwanted neighbors," Yulia Nikiforova, head of one of the travel agencies, wrote on her Facebook page. She says that she cooperates with partners who fundamentally refused to accept guests from the Russian Federation. In her post, she published a list of 17 such 4* and 5* hotels in Turkey:

Miramare Queen Hotel 5*

Miramare beach Hotel 5*

Trendy Lara 5*

Trendy Palm Beach 5*

Trendy Side Beach 4*

TT Belek Imperial 5*

TT Hotels Hydros Club HV1

TT Hotels Pegasos Club 5*

TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*

TT Hotels Pegasos Royal 5*

TT Hotels Pegasos World 5*

TUI Blue Barut Andiz 4*

TUI Magic Life Hotels 5*

TUI Blue Palm Garden 5*

TUI Blue Pasha Bay 5*

TUI Blue Sherwood Belek (16+) 5*

Robinson Hotels 5*

There have been no Russians in some Turkish hotels before:

D Maris Bay

Hillside Beach Club

Angels Marmaris

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros

Susona Bodrum

Kassandra Boutique

Alliance tour operator lists recommended chain hotels for Ukrainians in Alanya, Side, Kemer, Belek, Marmaris, Fethiye, Sarigerme. It is noted that these hotels can guarantee a minimum number of tourists from the Russian Federation. A filter has been added for the convenience of searching for such tours.

In addition to Turkey, there are other countries offering vacations without Russians. The Spanish chain RIU Hotels & Resorts, which has 90 hotels in 20 countries (including the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mexico and the Dominican Republic), also refused to serve Russians.

According to Yulia Nikiforova, given the lack of direct flights from Russia, there should be few Russians in Greece (Crete, Halkidiki), Egypt (Marsa Alam, Mersa Matruh). There is a minimal chance to meet "neighbors" on the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia, as well as on the Spanish Canaries and Tenerife. Mostly Europeans rest in Croatia. It is worth noting that Ukrainians can currently reach all the listed countries by direct flights from neighboring Poland or Romania.

Based on RBC Ukraine materials

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