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16 Jul. 2022


Ukrainians can get 200 scholarships to study at an IT course



Ukrainians can get 200 scholarships to study at an IT course

Support our team that helps 1000 Ukrainians every day

The Prometheus online platform has announced a competition for 200 scholarships that will cover 100% of the tuition fees for the Front-end development course, the Premium package. The project is supported by the Nova Ukraine Charitable Foundation.

Who can take part?

The project is designed for Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression. The following can apply:

• Ukrainians who, as of February 24, 2022, lived and were registered in the temporarily occupied territories and left from there;

• Ukrainians who after February 24, 2022, received the status of an internally displaced person or have the right to temporary protection abroad;

• military personnel mobilized and participating in the war;

• ATO/JFO participants;

• family members of servicemen who participated in the war, ATO/JFO (parents, wife/husband, children).

Other categories of people affected by the war can also take part. To do this, you also need to apply, the participant will be enrolled if there are free places.

Scholarships are awarded to 200 participants who are the first to apply and confirm their status.

Applications are accepted until August 2, consideration and selection of participants will take place until August 4, applicants will be notified of the results by e-mail.

Features of participation

One of the prerequisites for participation in the competition is that the participant has a certificate of successful completion of the free course "Fundamentals of Web UI Development 2022", which is designed for two weeks of training and access to which is constantly open to listeners. This knowledge will become the basis for the successful completion of the "Front-end development" program.

After registration, the participant will receive an email with a form where they will need to upload a certificate of completion of the course on the Prometheus platform.

Any other HTML/CSS/JavaScript training certifications are also considered.

Course program

As part of the training, the participant will gain knowledge for a front-end developer - a programmer who develops the appearance of sites, web services and mobile applications. Without this specialist, it is impossible to create a convenient and functional product.

Studying will be a great start of a career in the field. Both beginners and IT workers can take part in the course to deepen their knowledge.

The course program includes 20 hours of lectures, 50 practical exercises and term paper. Also, during the training, the participant will receive constant support from the teacher in a chat and a webinar on the topic "Effective search for a job as a front-end developer".