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22 Jul. 2022


Duplicate certificates and extracts from the state register of civil statuses can now be ordered through Diia



Duplicate certificates and extracts from the state register of civil statuses can now be ordered through Diia

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Re-issuance of certificates and obtaining extracts from the State Register of Civil Status of Citizens can now be ordered on the Diia portal. To get the documents in hand, you need to contact a department of state registration of civil statuses to which the application was submitted or order delivery by Ukrposhta. This was reported by the Ministry of Justice.

Documents can be ordered not only for yourself but also for your relatives. To do this, you only need to add copies of documents confirming family relationships.

The algorithm for ordering the service is as follows: log in to the Diia portal in a way convenient for you; in the "Services" menu, select "Certificates and extracts" and the desired document; indicate the owner of the document and the reason for its reissuance (the document was stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed, etc.); check the details of the applicant. Next, you need to choose a convenient method of receipt, if it is Ukrposhta - specify the delivery address. Don't forget to pay for the service.

The following certificates are available for re-issuance:

- on birth;

- on death;

- on changing the name;

- on marriage;

- on divorce.

Also on the Diia portal you can order the following extracts from the Register:

- on state registration of birth;

- on state registration of death;

- on state registration of name change;

- on state registration of marriage;

- on state registration of divorce

“Because of the war, many Ukrainians lost their documents or they were damaged. Now we are simplifying the procedure for obtaining duplicates of civil status registration certificates and extracts from the Register, we are digitalizing this process so that every citizen in need receives the necessary documents with a minimum physical visit to the state registration of civil statuses department,” said the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitalization Serhiy Orlov.

Please note: due to the martial law, the service is not available in some regions. Follow the latest information on the portal.