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23 Jul. 2022


Poland introduces an electronic document for Ukrainians

For refugees


Poland introduces an electronic document for Ukrainians

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Poland introduces for Ukrainians - an electronic document confirming the legal stay on the territory of Poland of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war, allowing them to travel within the European Union, as well as cross the external borders of the EU. The Member States and Associated Countries of the Schengen Area have already been informed of the respective decision.

After official notification, the electronic document owned by a citizen of Ukraine or another foreigner (legally staying on the territory of Poland, according to the Law on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict), acts as a residence permit, is a document used together with a valid travel document authorizing the crossing of the external border of the EU. also allows movement within the Schengen area for 90 days within every 180-day period.

The document is available through the mObywat mobile app. Detailed instructions on how to get a digital document are available at the link.