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02 Jun. 2022


Is it possible to leave Poland for Ukraine: a response from the Embassy



Is it possible to leave Poland for Ukraine: a response from the Embassy

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The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland gave clarifications on the specifics of re-crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border, as well as departure to other EU countries when the days of visa-free stay were exhausted.

We have identified 4 main theses:

✔️ Ukrainian has the right to stay in Poland legally for 18 months, starting from 02/24/2022, if the purpose of his entry is to obtain international protection (receipt of PESEL UKR is a confirmation of this and the fact of registration in the country, regardless of the available travel documents);

✔️ if you leave Poland for more than 30 days in one trip (departures are NOT cumulative), you lose international protection, social security and, accordingly, the right to "preferential" entry;

✔️ if you left for Ukraine for less than 30 days on personal issues, you should be allowed back, BUT the final decision on the Polish Border Guard (i.e. there is no 100% guarantee);

! Please note that Ukrainian border guards have the right to refuse to re-departure from Ukraine without a foreign passport (regular or biometric).

✔️ if you want to travel further into the EU, but more than 90 days of stay have passed, this is only allowed if you plan to "take" the protection of another EU country. Legal movement within the Schengen area is possible with a short-term or long-term visa or residence permit issued by an EU Member State.

Regarding guarantees of re-entry to Poland, if your visit to Ukraine lasted less than 30 days, here is a quote from the Embassy:

"A citizen of Ukraine, whose entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland from the territory of Ukraine is not related to military operations, but has the character of regular border traffic, is subject to border control on the principles defined in the Schengen Borders Code (the presence of a biometric foreign passport and compliance with the corridor of stay up to 90 days during 180 days)."

From this we can conclude that no one will allow crossing the border with suspicious regularity. And one-time reasonable trips to Ukraine and back should not raise any questions and difficulties.

And once again, we remind you that Ukrainians have the right to leave Ukraine with any available identity document ONLY once. The second time with an "internal" passport, ID-card, birth certificate will no longer be issued.

In turn, you can cross the border with an ordinary or biometric foreign passport, including the one whose validity has been extended, and the child - with a foreign passport (ordinary, biometric, extended), or on the basis of the foreign passport of his parents or legal representatives, in which information is entered about this child.

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