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26 Jul. 2022


Visit Ukraine launches the first and largest Ukrainian tour bank


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Visit Ukraine launches the first and largest Ukrainian tour bank

Become an ambassador of Ukraine, do a good deed now

The war forced Ukrainians to completely reformat their lives, but it did not take away the usual joys that everyone needs now. For that reason, among the country's top requests are rest and recreation, positive emotions for children, and recovery after the horrors experienced. The tourist industry of Ukraine, which was probably the most affected by the war, has something to offer to fans of any kind of recreation and, despite everything, continues to work in these difficult times.

That is why Visit Ukraine, as the largest representative of the agents of change in Ukrainian tourism, unites all willing tour operators and guides into a single and most powerful platform for country tours. In addition to the development of the industry and recreation opportunities for compatriots, 10% of each tour sold will be transmitted to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund.

"This project was planned long before the start of the full-scale invasion. But we didn't wait for the end of the war to implement Visit Ukraine Tours, because supporting the country's economy is already important today. Postponing life for later is impossible, especially since the country needs it no less than its citizens ", says Anton Taranenko, CEO of Visit Ukraine.


On the convenient and functional website, you can book a trip for any taste - active recreation, individual, family, spa, and gastro tours - more than 200 offers in total, the number of which is planned to be expanded to a thousand over time.

Travelers' safety has also been taken care of: every tour package includes travel insurance covering COVID-19 and any unforeseen health-related expenses.

A special feature of the platform is tours to brave hero cities, a trip to which can be booked on a deferred use basis. Thus, Visit Ukraine suggests not forgetting about the cities that hold the peaceful sky and supporting local guides who are guarantee exclusive routes through the liberated cities after the victory.

You can choose your tour and view all the offers on the Visit Ukraine portal by following the link.

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