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13 Aug. 2022


Changes in the rules for the stay of Ukrainians in France: how not to lose payments for refugees

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Changes in the rules for the stay of Ukrainians in France: how not to lose payments for refugees

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Ukrainians forced to move to France due to the war and who have received a temporary residence permit in France with the indication “beneficiary of temporary protection” must resume this status 6 months after receiving the permit. Only after the renewal of the status Ukrainians will be able to enjoy protection in France and related benefits.

How to renew a residence permit?

To renew your residence permit, contact the prefecture of the department of your place of residence. It is not necessary to apply to the prefecture that issued the first residence document.

A request for an extension of the residence permit must be submitted between three weeks and three days before its expiry date. You should not apply earlier than three weeks, because the prefecture simply will not consider your request.

To the prefecture you must provide the following documents:

1. Documents confirming your civil status and your citizenship and the previous temporary protection document

2. Confirmation of the address, which has a date no older than three months. If you are not renting your own accommodation, you will need an Attestation d'hébergement

3. Any document confirming the change in your social situation (for example, an employment contract)

How not to lose payments from OFII?

Simultaneously with the restoration of the residence permit, the prefecture will give you a form, which you must send by e-mail or postal letter to the territorial directorate of the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII).

If you are sending documents by regular mail, indicate "Renouvellement ADA Ukraine" on the envelope.

To the completed, dated and signed form, copies of new temporary residence certificates for all adult family members and copies of supporting documents for all resources / funds received upon arrival in France (if any) must be attached.

Incomplete dossiers will not be processed. If you do not send the specified form with supporting documents to OFII, your payments will be interrupted.

For more information on extending temporary protection and benefits, see the newsletters from the French government.