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19 Aug. 2022


Top tours for half a day - a selection of sightseeing excursions in major cities of Ukraine



Top tours for half a day - a selection of sightseeing excursions in major cities of Ukraine

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Time, as we all managed to notice, passes extremely quickly - summer is already coming to an end. Nowadays, each of us has begun to value every moment in a special way, and at the same time, the need for something useful and informative has become even more necessary. The Visit Ukraine company always values ​​your time and offers sightseeing tours of the leading cities of Ukraine, which take a few hours, but which you will spend with great benefit for yourself.


When a few free hours appear, it is a sin not to allocate them to children - our future. In this difficult time, they need our attention and care more than ever. We will help children have an interesting time during this walk-excursion. They will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of ancient Kyiv in a playful way and complete simple and interesting tasks. At the end of the quest, everyone will receive sweet prizes.


The capital city of Kyiv, the heart of Ukraine, is of course of interest to all tourists. And when the capital is a real hero city, this interest is several times greater. Today, with its heroic resistance to the aggressor, Kyiv really proved the indomitability of the Cossack spirit and the indomitability of the Ukrainian people. We invite everyone to join our excursion on a day off and soak up the atmosphere of the invincible city.


Lviv - the soul of Ukraine - looks special in the evening: illuminated streets, illuminated houses and churches. Having chosen this excursion, during the evening promenade, you can discover something completely different, new and mysterious. At the end of the evening walk through the city of Lviv, we will offer you to visit several Lviv restaurants with a special atmosphere that will give you a great mood and positive emotions.


Ivano-Frankivsk is a mysterious city, a corner of paradise with cozy squares and parks. During the tour, you will get to know the interesting history of the city, see the sights, and discover many amazing facts. And Ivano-Frankivsk is famous for its excellent Carpathian delicacies, which we recommend you try in the cozy cafeterias of the city.


Vinnytsia is a beautiful city where you can relax, take a walk and just enjoy life! You will visit the main historical location of the city - Castle Hill, and visit the legendary Vinnytsia fortresses, take a walk around the city. Incredible landscapes and unique places will give you a wonderful atmosphere of the passing summer.