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Lviv for a day or the Carpathians for five days: a selection of excursions and tours for August



Lviv for a day or the Carpathians for five days: a selection of excursions and tours for August

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Bored in Lviv, or wanting to escape from the city to the mountains? We have collected for you a selection of excursions and tours for August. From city walks to several-day tours to the Carpathians - choose to your heart's content (link to tour in the title).

Evening Lviv

An evening group tour is suitable for those who are in Lviv for the first time, and for those who want to get to know the city better. A bit of history and local architecture, a bit of legends and mysticism. The guide will tell fascinating stories, show secret signs and inscriptions on Lviv houses. The excursion also includes a visit to several Lviv restaurants with a special atmosphere.

Beer Lviv

Individual tour for fans of beer culture. Beer has been produced in Lviv since the 14th century. During this tour, you will be introduced to the history of brewing in the city and will be allowed to taste the most delicious types of beer from local breweries. The excursion can be ordered on any day.

Children's tour of Lviv

One of the ways to keep children busy in a new city is to order an individual tour of Lviv, designed especially for children. The guide will tell the little ones not boring historical facts, but interesting legends and secrets of the city, introduce them to the Lviv lions and tell where Mr. Malodobry - the city executioner - lived. An excursion can be ordered on any day for one child or for a group of up to 60 people.

Horseback tour from the village of Zubra to Lviv

A two-hour horse ride is the best way to relax and recharge for animal lovers. The route of the tour runs both through the village path and the forest, and through the city center with a view of the main sights.

Carpathians for a day: vats and a goat farm

Weekend in the mountains for adults and children. The rich program includes a tour of the farm with a tasting of craft cheese, a hike to Mount Zakhar Berkut, a visit to the SPA center with a pool and/or vats in Slavskyi, and the Palace of the Grödls in Skole. Children will like the interaction with the animals on the farm, and the ascent to Mount Zakhar Berkut is easy, so tourists can master it even without special training.

One-day trip through the Carpathians

The five best panoramas of the Carpathians, the highest mountain waterfall in Lviv Region and a copy of the statue of "Christ the Savior" in Truskavets. You will be able to walk along mountain routes, taste mineral water and admire the Carpathian flora and fauna.

Three pearls of the Carpathians + Truskavets

The program of a day tour of the Carpathians includes three notable locations. There are also lakes, waterfalls, a nature reserve and a cable car ride. You will see the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, and the trip will end in Truskavets with a tasting of mineral waters.

Carpathians for 5 days

Almost a week of a rich program with accommodation in the mountains. Historical places, bathing in thermal waters, tasting local products and admiring nature. Each day of the tour is a new town or village with its own characteristics and places of interest.