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25 Aug. 2022


Ukrainians in the Czech Republic: How to get free medical assistance

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Ukrainians in the Czech Republic: How to get free medical assistance

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Ukrainians who found asylum in the Czech Republic after the start of the full-scale invasion can use the same medical services as Czech citizens. This was recently reported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Ukrainians are covered by the state health insurance program, which is used by all Czechs. According to this program, citizen of Ukraine can use medical services free of charge. State insurance covers most medical cases, and partially or fully reimburses the cost of medicines.

Is it needed to get temporary protection to use medical services?

Those Ukrainians who have not received temporary protection can get free medical care from volunteer doctors. See the list on the website www.lekariproukrajinu.

Issuance of an insurance

To use medical services as the citizens of the Czech Republic, you need to process insurance:

• directly in the Regional Assistance Centers of Ukraine, where the representatives of the VZP insurance company work;

• on the VZP website;

• in branches of VZP insurance companies or other state insurance companies.

After processing the policy, Ukrainians receive a copy of the insurance certificate. In the case of registration on VZP insurance online, the document will be sent via e-mail. Having a certificate is a mandatory requirement when visiting a doctor.

Duration of free insurance usage?

During the first 150 days of stay in the Czech Republic as a temporarily displaced person, health insurance for Ukrainians is paid by the country. Consequently, the rules change: for persons aged 18 to 64, insurance becomes paid.

Treatment without insurance

Emergency medical care can be provided without insurance in public hospitals in the Czech Republic. Find the list and contacts of medical institutions on the website of the Czech Ministry of Health.


Importantly! The Czech Republic has an information line for Ukrainians - call +420226201221 for consultation. The emergency number in the Czech Republic is 155.