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14 Mar. 2022


Czech Republic: rules of entry and stay for Ukrainian refugees



Czech Republic: rules of entry and stay for Ukrainian refugees

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Entry into the Czech Republic is subject to a visa-free regime. Ukrainian citizens crossing the border into the Czech Republic do not need a covid-19 vaccination certificate or PCR test results.

Residents of regions of Ukraine affected by Russian aggression must apply to the Regional Assistance Center of Ukraine, which is located in every regional city in the Czech Republic, within 30 days after arriving in the Czech Republic. You can find the addresses of individual regional centers via the link. In addition, such registration is also carried out by police stations for foreigners. Their list and necessary information can be found at:

Information support line at the Czech Ministry of the Interior: +420 974 801 802

The Prague Regional Center is located in the premises of the Prague Congress Center at: (red line C) Vyšehrad Metro, ul. 5. května 1640/65, 140 21 Prague 4-Nusle - entrance №10. Contacts: [email protected] +420 775 751 748. (It should be noted that the possibilities of the city of Prague to accommodate the affected Ukrainians are almost exhausted).

In the aid centers, Ukrainians receive a humanitarian intra-Czech residence visa (valid for 1 year), free health insurance, offers of temporary accommodation, information on study opportunities for children, job search, etc., and registration for a one-time material help. The centers also have rest rooms with everything you need, so if you come to the Czech Republic and do not have acquaintances here, you should immediately go to the nearest Regional Aid Center for Ukraine. Please note that travel by the Czech Railways is free for Ukrainian citizens.

Registration of citizens of Ukraine in assistance centers is carried out based on any identity document:

• passport,

• biometric passport,

• internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine,

• ID card,

pension certificate,

for children in the absence of a passport - on the birth certificate.

With these documents, long-term humanitarian visas lasting for 1 year or until the end of martial law can be issued in the Czech aid centers. After the end of martial law it will be required to leave the territory of the Czech Republic.

Citizens of Ukraine, who were in Ukraine before the imposition of martial law and whose visas have expired, have the opportunity to extend their stay and visa in the Czech Republic. Detailed information can be found via the link:

If necessary, free housing can be obtained at the Ukrainian Aid Centers, which is currently available for 1 month with the possibility of extension. Free meals are also provided in most places of the group settlement.

After applying for a humanitarian visa, you need to apply to employment centers at the place of residence for a work permit and social benefits. Addresses via the link:

List of job vacancies from the Ministry of Social Work: 

Along with humanitarian aid, refugees from Ukraine have free access to the Czech Republic's health care system and can seek help from any major hospital in their city. The Ministry of Health has created an information line which provides information on the state of health (in Ukrainian): +420 226 20 1221, dial number 8

Free legal support:

Contacts of free lawyers:

Free translations of legal documents are available at this office:

Free mobile communication: in the contact centers you can get a free sim-card with a top-up account for 200 Kč. Mobile operators T-Mobile and Vodafone have made calls from the Czech Republic to Ukraine free of charge.

Free travel on public transport: in most Czech cities you can use public transport for free if you have a long-term humanitarian visa. You can get detailed information at the Regional Refugee Aid Center.

České dráhy (Czech Railways) offers free rail travel throughout the Czech Republic.

You can open a free bank account with ČSOB. For citizens with a Czech humanitarian visa, the bank immediately invests 2,500 Czech crowns in the account. More details: 

You will also find a lot of useful information via the link: 

If you have entered the Czech Republic with a foreign biometric passport, which has already expired or expires within the next three months, you can apply to the nearest Consulate of Ukraine (Brno, Prague) in a live queue to renew the passport . To do this, you must have the original passport and a copy.

If your child has crossed the border with a birth certificate and you (mother or father) have a passport (biometric or old-type), you can enter information about the child in your passport. To do this, you need to contact the nearest Consulate of Ukraine. You must have the original passport, a copy of the passport, the original and a copy of the birth certificate and two 3.5 × 4.5 photos. Parents' passports can include information about children under the age of 18.

The State Veterinary Administration has simplified the conditions for entry of pets for citizens of Ukraine: dogs, cats that accompany their owners. All documents can be issued later in the Czech Republic. Full information: 

Links to official information sources for refugees from Ukraine:

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions on the website of the Czech Ministry of the Interior: