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11 Sep. 2022


Vienna extends free public transportation for Ukrainian refugees

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Vienna extends free public transportation for Ukrainian refugees

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All public transport in Vienna will now be available for Ukrainian refugees completely free of charge. Passengers from Ukraine are exempt from buying tickets until the end of September this year. The city of Vienna is calling on the federal government to create temporary regulations.

When war broke out in Ukraine, the city of Vienna responded quickly by taking various measures to help refugees upon their arrival in Austria. Wiener Linien also showed solidarity by allowing Ukrainian refugees free use of all public transport in the city.

The action, which first took effect in March, was set to expire on June 30. However, now the city of Vienna has announced that the campaign will be extended for another three months.

Travel documents instead of a ticket

This means that people who have left Ukraine will be able to move around Vienna on buses and subways without buying a ticket until the end of September. When checking tickets, they only need to show their travel documents.

This action is intended to help refugees integrate in Austria. However, the ruling so far only applies to Vienna. For this reason, the city authorities are again calling on the government to create a solution for the integration of refugees from Ukraine after the current agreement expires.