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11 Sep. 2022


Are Ukrainian refugees planning to return home this year? Survey in Poland

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Are Ukrainian refugees planning to return home this year? Survey in Poland

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After Russia invaded Ukraine at the beginning of a full-scale war, millions of Ukrainian citizens found refuge in Poland. What percentage of military migrants are going to return to Ukraine in the future, and how many plan to continue living and working abroad? Are Ukrainians planning to meet the heating season in Poland or already in Ukraine? The current survey was conducted by the international employment agency Gremi Personal.

According to the analytical center, about 20% of Ukrainian migrants plan to return to their homeland before the beginning of winter. 1,240 people who were forced to leave Ukraine due to hostilities took such a survey.

According to the results, the majority of Ukrainian migrants intend to return after the war.

Statistics show that:

• 22% of respondents intend to go to Ukraine this autumn-winter.

• 35% remain in Poland until next year.

• 26% intend to go home as soon as the war ends.

• 17% of Ukrainian immigrants remain in Poland indefinitely.

Forecasters from Gremi Personal say that Ukrainians will return as soon as Ukraine is safe. According to the director of the recruitment department, Hanna Jobolda, migrants stay in Poland and other countries because of hopelessness - someone has lost their home, they have no income or job, there is a threat to their lives, etc.

The most pessimistic forecast is for the heating season, so Ukrainians want to spend the winter in Poland.

"Some regions of Ukraine do not have stable water supply and heating due to active hostilities. In Ukraine, there has been an increase in unemployment since the beginning of hostilities. At the same time, Poland offers Ukrainian immigrants more comfortable conditions, especially for employment", - the agency said.

Gremi Personal also notes a gradual increase in the number of Ukrainian women who want to work, which may be related to the beginning of the academic year. This, the agency adds, may mean that an additional number of Ukrainian women who had to take care of children during the holiday season will soon appear on the labor market.

"We expect that the dynamics of their employment will accelerate already at the beginning of next week", - the center's analyst points out.