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Travel insurance. What to do in case of an insurance accident?



Travel insurance. What to do in case of an insurance accident?

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One of the stages of preparation for a trip abroad is the purchase of travel insurance. Travel companies offer a wide range of programs that cover various insurance cases. Depending on the specifics of the trip and the planned insurance costs, you can choose the most optimal policy.

What expenses does the insurance policy cover?

Travel insurance most often covers the costs of:

         provision of emergency medical care;

         transportation to a medical facility;

         emergency hospitalization;

         outpatient treatment;

         purchase of medicines;

         transportation of the body in case of death of the insured person.

However, purchasing a more extensive policy will allow you to be protected from such situations as a plane delay, loss of luggage or documents, will allow you to get legal advice or seek the services of lawyers, will provide the possibility of an early return home or an extended stay in a hotel, and much more.

What should be done before the trip?

Before the trip, we advise you to study the list of insurance events covered by your insurance, that is, in which cases the costs will be compensated. This list is specified in the travel insurance contract.

It is also necessary to print a paper copy of the policy or save an electronic copy on the phone. It is worth noting that the policy must be accessible without the Internet, that is, it must be stored in files or notes on your phone.

Select the contacts of the assistance company - the representative office of the insurance company on the territory of a foreign country. For example, create a separate contact in the phone or highlight the number of the contact center with a marker on a paper copy of the policy.

Actions in the event of an insured event

So, you went on a trip and got into an insured event - got sick, injured or lost your luggage. What shall I do?

1. The first and most important action is to call the assistance company specified in your policy and report the insurance event. Hotlines work around the clock. It is this insurance company that will provide you with assistance and coordinate actions. If the number does not match, contact the company where you purchased the policy for instructions.

2. Inform the assistance company during the telephone conversation of the following data:

         Full name and other personal data;

         insurance policy number and its validity period;

         your location;

         contacts for communication;

         essence of the insurance event.

Depending on the nature of the event, the operator can call an ambulance, send you to the nearest hospital, organize a search operation, etc. The main thing that the traveler should remember is that after contacting the assistance company, you must follow all the steps that the manager will inform you about. If the instructions are not followed, the costs will not be compensated.

How to get compensation for independent expenses for treatment?

Usually, according to the terms of the travel insurance contract, the insurance company pays for medical care services independently.

However, there are cases when the traveler does this at his own expense, in which case it is necessary to apply for reimbursement of expenses. How to do it?

These expenses can be compensated only if they are agreed with the assistance company abroad.

After returning to Ukraine, the traveler must contact the insurance company where the policy was issued. Write a statement about the occurrence of an insurance event and a request for compensation. It is also necessary to add documents confirming expenses to the application - prescriptions, receipts from pharmacies, invoices from clinics.

When expenses are not compensated?

Unfortunately, there are cases when, according to the rules of insurance companies, expenses are not compensated. The most common reasons:

 Violation of the procedure for notification of an insurance event.

 The insured event is not included in the list of those that can be compensated according to the contract.

 The traveler was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the insured event.

 Injuries were received as a result of force majeure circumstances - military conflict, participation in events not recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
 A chronic disease has worsened.

In order to insure yourself against insurance events, get help in choosing an insurance policy and be informed about your actions in the event of an insurance event, Visit Ukraine recommends taking out travel insurance in advance.

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