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08 Sep. 2022


When traveling abroad, take care of your life, health and wallet insurance



When traveling abroad, take care of your life, health and wallet insurance

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The visa-free regime has reduced the list of necessary documents for traveling abroad, from now on, only a biometric passport is sufficient. Medical insurance is no longer mandatory for visiting Schengen countries. However, it remained mandatory for departure according to the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism". Due to the fact that foreign countries do not provide medical services free of charge, Ukrainian legislation requires everyone who leaves the country to have medical insurance.

Also, this type of insurance is mandatory for travelers with children, when planning an extreme vacation, visiting countries with a high risk of insurance events, and when traveling to countries that have not introduced a visa-free regime with Ukraine.

What will health insurance protect against abroad?

Medical services abroad are very expensive and are provided to non-residents mainly on a paid basis. For example, the cost of a therapist's consultation in EU countries starts from 30 euros, an appointment with a medical specialist in Israel costs from 60 euros, and an ambulance call in EU countries will cost at least 600 euros. Instead, the average cost of insurance per day is about 1.5 euros.

It is also worth noting that in many countries of the world, medicine can be bought in a pharmacy only with a prescription, and in order to get it, you need to visit a doctor. So even a minor cold abroad can be very expensive.

What does health insurance include?

Medical insurance covers:

    • urgent outpatient or inpatient care;

    • transportation to a medical institution;

    • evacuation to Ukraine, if it is expedient for treatment;

    • payment of medicine;

    • urgent dental care.

Depending on the client's needs, the list can be expanded.

Medical insurance in conditions of war

In the conditions of war, it seems that insurance is not necessary, because many Ukrainians went abroad, issued documents for temporary residence there and got access to free medicine in European countries, but even here insured persons have advantages.

Visiting a doctor without queues - in order to see a doctor in Europe, an uninsured patient has to stand in line. Sometimes you have to wait for an appointment for several weeks or even months. Most often, such an expectation is simply impossible. Having insurance will allow you to get to the doctor much faster.

Distance consultations in Europe are paid, but the costs will be compensated if you have health insurance. That is, if you need an urgent and small consultation, this type of appointment will come in handy, and the costs will be covered by the insurance company.

Therefore, an insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine. To protect yourself from troubles abroad and to be calm for yourself and your loved ones, Visit Ukraine recommends taking out medical insurance in advance.