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15 Sep. 2022


The cost of a parcel to Poland has been reduced by 2.5 times: Nova Poshta has updated the tariffs

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The cost of a parcel to Poland has been reduced by 2.5 times: Nova Poshta has updated the tariffs

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The issue of fast and budget shipping of parcels to Poland has always been relevant for Ukrainians, because many of our fellow citizens lived in Poland even before the war, and with the beginning of the large-scale invasion, the number of Ukrainians in Poland increased significantly. Read more about how much it costs to send a package to relatives in Poland and the new tariffs from Nova Poshta.

The cost of the parcel to Poland

You can send a parcel to Poland from Ukraine by the international courier service Meest or by Ukrainian delivery services: Ukrposhta, Nova Poshta, PostexService and others.

On average, the delivery time of a shipment to the EU countries is 1-2 weeks, however, due to high demand, there are cases when the parcel has to wait 1-2 months.

For sending a parcel weighing up to 10 kg to Poland, you will have to pay from 440 to 1,400 UAH in various services. The specified tariff applies to the transportation of packages by land transport, air transportation will be slightly more expensive. Also, almost every delivery service offers shipment insurance services, the cost of which varies from 200 to 300 UAH.

New tariffs from Nova Poshta 

Major Ukrainian postal carrier Nova Poshta announces a 2.5-fold reduction in tariffs for sending personal items to Poland.

Now you need to pay for the parcel:

    • up to 2 kg - UAH 250 instead of UAH 600

    • up to 10 kg - UAH 325 instead of UAH 900

    • up to 30 kg - UAH 400 instead of UAH 1500

Delivery time is up to 5 days (capital to capital). In Poland, the parcel will arrive at the post office or will be delivered by courier to the address. Courier services are already included in the delivery price, you will not have to pay extra for them. Another advantage is that the parcel is insured within the estimated value. Shipments can be easily tracked on the New Post website or in the mobile application.

According to the above tariff, personal items are sent - clothes, shoes, toys, books, documents, small appliances, etc. New clothes with price tags or parcels with an estimated value of more than 44 euros will be sent at the rates of the "Global Delivery" service.

Prohibited goods also include food, antiques, laptops, tobacco, alcohol, medicines, seeds, etc.

How to issue a package:

    1. Come to the nearest branch of Nova Poshta with an open package.

    2. Tell the operator how to send "Parcel from home".

    3. Provide your phone number and name.

    4. Name the name, Polish telephone number and e-mail address of the recipient.

    5. Choose the type of delivery - post office (the number of the most convenient post office can be found on the InPost website) or by address (it is necessary to specify the code, city, street, building number, apartment number).

    6. Notify the contents of the parcel for customs clearance.

    7. Pay for shipping.

Please note that parcels weighing up to 25 kg, the size of which will not exceed 41x38x64 cm, can be sent to post machines.

More detailed information about the "Parcel from home" service and answers to the most popular questions are collected on the Nova Poshta website.