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16 Sep. 2022


In October, an electronic queue will be launched at border checkpoints

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In October, an electronic queue will be launched at border checkpoints

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The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced the start of implementation of the project Electronic Border Crossing Queue. According to the official announcement, the service will be launched in October, 2022.

The service will be available only for carriers. According to the Ministry, drivers are currently spending about a week waiting to cross the border. Such delays create considerable losses.

The system, developed jointly with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, will have a pre-recording function. Drivers will be able to sign up and arrive at the checkpoint at the appointed time.

Registration will be available on a special website that is currently being developed. Pay attention that using the e-queue is free.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitization Anatoliy Komirny noted that the electronic queue system for trucks will be integrated with the customs and border service databases. This will allow giving priority to certain categories of cars, for example, those carrying perishable products.

The carrier can independently choose the waiting place – it’s not necessary to wait at the checkpoint. In case of a delay in the progress of the queue, the driver will receive a notification.

First, the system will work at one checkpoint, and later it will be implemented at the remaining ones.