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20 Feb. 2022


UIA starts selling tickets for Munich and Geneva



UIA starts selling tickets for Munich and Geneva

On February 19, 2022, it became known that Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines, owned by the Lufthansa Group, decided to temporarily suspend flights to Kyiv and Odessa, tentatively for the period from February 21 to 28.

To ensure uninterrupted air traffic, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine managed to transfer the possibility of transporting passengers along its routes to Germany and Switzerland to the largest Ukrainian airline, UIA (Ukraine International Airlines), at a record speed. UIA also increases the capacity of aircraft on these routes.

In addition, the Ministry of Infrastructure is negotiating with other Ukrainian air carriers on the possibility of launching additional flights on routes that Lufthansa Group will not be able to operate as soon as possible.

Airspace over Ukraine remains open and safe.