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14 Apr. 2024


Smartphone apps that will make life easier for Ukrainian refugees in Germany (updated)

For refugees


Smartphone apps that will make life easier for Ukrainian refugees in Germany (updated)

Mobile apps can make life much easier and help you quickly find your way around a new country. Find out more about the top apps for Ukrainians currently living in Germany

More useful news in our Telegram channel
More useful news in our Telegram channel

Every Ukrainian living abroad strives to create the most comfortable conditions for themselves and their families and quickly adapt to the new environment.

In particular, for your convenience, there are certain applications that will show you where you can find information about public transport, how to conveniently buy tickets online for trains or buses, and other useful things.

Visit Ukraine has prepared a list of useful apps that can greatly simplify the life of Ukrainians in Germany.

The best apps for traveling in Germany

Apps for tracking public transportation:

📌Deutsche Bahn Navigator. This is an application of the German railways that allows you to buy tickets for intercity trains and public transport. In addition to tickets, you can also find up-to-date information on subway, bus, and tram schedules in all German cities.

For trains, there is a useful demand indicator function that shows how full the train will be. This helps passengers plan their trip.

To save money, it is recommended to use the best fare search function, which collects the lowest fares for the desired route. This allows you to find the best option for your trip.

In addition, you can subscribe to the Bahn loyalty program, where you collect points for each trip, which can then be exchanged for future tickets or for food and drinks on the train. This is another way to save money on your trip and get additional benefits.

📌Flixbus and FlixTrain. One app that combines the search for routes on network buses and trains in Germany at affordable prices. In this app you will find timetables, routes and fare information for your convenience.

In addition, FlixTrain often organizes promotions and offers tickets throughout Germany at prices starting from 2-3 euros on various routes. This creates an opportunity to access low-cost transportation and save money on your trip.

📌Moovit. This is a popular public transportation tracking app that provides information about public transportation in Germany's largest cities. The app offers route planning with current traffic delays, allowing users to plan their trips efficiently.

You can also find detailed timetables for each line and check the price of a single ticket on the desired route.

Taxi services:

📌FreeNow. One of the most popular taxi services in Germany, which offers a convenient way to order a taxi and rent a car in cities such as Berlin, Munich, and others. This app allows you to quickly and easily find the nearest taxi and track its arrival.

In addition, FreeNow offers electric scooters and car-sharing services in major German cities, making travel even more convenient and environmentally friendly.

For new users who are using the FreeNow app for the first time, a promotional code is available to give them a discount on their first ride. You can also join the FreeNow loyalty program, receive bonus points and exchange them for discounts, which adds additional benefits for regular users.

📌Taxi.EU. A taxi service that operates in more than 100 cities in Germany. In 2023, the app was recognized as the best taxi service in Germany.

In the Taxi.EU app, you can order different types of taxis, such as Eco, XXL, Business, and others, according to your needs and budget. You can also track taxi arrivals in real time and pay for your ride conveniently.

📌Uber. A global service that is available in the largest cities of Germany, including Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Mannheim, Munich, and Stuttgart. This service provides an opportunity to order a taxi conveniently and quickly through a mobile application.

📌Lieferando. This app is an analog of Uber eats and one of the most popular food delivery services in Germany.

📌Nextbike. A popular bike-sharing service in Germany that allows you to easily rent bikes for short trips in the city.

In the Nextbike app, you can find the nearest bike station and quickly rent a bike by scanning a QR code.

To avoid a 20 euro fee, the bike must be returned to a flex zone or an official station. The addresses of these locations will be available in the app, making the process of returning the bike convenient and safe.

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Apps for online shopping:

📌Zalando. This app allows you to buy clothes online. Zalando offers discounts, free shipping and returns.

📌Douglass. An online store of branded perfumes and cosmetics that offers a wide range of products.

📌Budni. The app of the Budnikowski retail chain. Use it as a loyalty card because you get discount coupons after every purchase.

📌Too Good To Go. An app for those who want to save money on grocery shopping. The program connects registered users with restaurants and stores that have food left over that hasn't been sold. We advise you, however, to keep in mind that food is quickly sold out.

📌Amazon. Everyone knows the online store where you can buy almost any product.

Other useful apps

📌ImmoScout24. A leading local service for finding real estate in Germany. With this app, you can find and rent an apartment or house, regardless of whether you need a long-term or short-term lease.

When searching, you can customize various parameters such as city, type of housing, estimated price, number of rooms, and area. The app will automatically select options that match your search criteria. You can then view photos of the apartments, information about prices, addresses and amenities in the building, as well as rental conditions.

📌Lingvo live. An essential app for those who do not speak German. It differs from other programs in that it offers various translation options.

📌Doctorlib. A convenient and easy way to find a doctor and make an appointment.

Anyone can download these apps for free in the Play Market or App Store.

Safety while traveling

Remember that reliable health insurance is the key to a tourist's confidence and safety while traveling. After all, an insurance policy will not only help you get high-quality medical care, but also save your own money in an unforeseen situation, for example, in case of a flight delay or loss of luggage at the airport.

You can buy travel insurance on the Visit Ukraine website. We offer health insurance policies for Ukrainians planning a trip abroad and military risk insurance for foreigners traveling to Ukraine.

We remind you! There is a wide range of destinations to which you can fly from the airports closest to Ukraine's borders. Read our previous article to find out where you can travel quickly and comfortably.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

Our recommendation for a safe and comfortable trip: 

Visit Ukraine Insurance - insurance for a safe stay abroad without unnecessary expenses;

Green Card - compulsory car insurance for traveling abroad;

Visit Ukraine Tickets - book tickets for buses, trains, and airplanes to/from Ukraine and between cities around the world;

Private Lawyer service - professional legal support on visa and migration issues;

Visit Ukraine Merch - buy patriotic clothing and accessories with worldwide delivery.

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