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05 Oct. 2022


Romania: rules of entry and residence. What does a Ukrainian need to know?

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Romania: rules of entry and residence. What does a Ukrainian need to know?

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Romania is a country that has been accepting refugees from Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale invasion. A number of refugee support programs have been approved in the country and social assistance has been introduced. We have collected information about the rules of moving to Romania and how to apply for protection in this article.

Rules of entry

It is possible to enter Romania from Ukraine through the border points of Halmeu, Sighet-Marmatiei, Siret, Isaccia and through points on the border between Moldova and Romania. You can follow the situation at checkpoints in real time by following the link.

If you are traveling to Romania in your own car, you need to purchase a Green Card for traveling abroad. You can issue a policy here.

Volunteers work at all checkpoints to answer your questions and provide food and hygiene products.

Citizens of Ukraine can enter the territory of Romania by presenting a biometric or ordinary passport. For children, it is necessary to have an identity document or a birth certificate. If a child is traveling with one parent, permission from the other parent is not required to cross the border. Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 can enter the territory of Romania only under the condition that they belong to those categories of persons who have the right to leave Ukraine.

You do not need a vaccination certificate or a valid PCR test for Covid-19 to enter Romania from Ukraine, nor do you have to observe quarantine.

Romania has simplified the rules for crossing the border for Ukrainians traveling with animals. If the animal is not vaccinated against rabies and identified with a microchip, the owner can fill out certain forms at the border and enter the state.

Free travel

The Romanian carrier CFR Călători provides free tickets for Ukrainians to travel within the country. Ukrainians can travel by train from the border to any city in the country free of charge. You must have with you the documents that you will receive at the border.

Where to apply for protection?

Ukrainians who arrived in Romania have the right to apply for three types of protection:

Temporary protection is a pan-European program, granted for a period of one year with the right to extend it for a period of 6 months to 1 year, if the situation in Ukraine does not improve. Ukrainians who lived in Ukraine until February 24, 2022, have the right to apply. After obtaining protection, you will receive a residence permit in Romania, access to the labor market, free medical care, the right to education for children, social support, as well as the opportunity to receive financial assistance in case of lack of funds necessary for existence. To register the status, it is necessary to apply to the General Inspectorate for Immigration or to the authorities located in the temporary residence and humanitarian aid camps.

Short-term arrival is issued on the basis of the foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine when crossing the border. The right to registration can be used by all Ukrainians, except for men aged 18 to 60 who are conscripted. Short-term stay is granted for up to 90 days. In temporary accommodation camps, a person can receive humanitarian aid - food, clothing, hygiene products. The status also allows you to receive medical assistance, provides access to work, education and assistance in finding housing.

Asylum seeker - this status is issued to extend the right of short-term stay. The application can be submitted directly at the border or later, but before the expiration of your visa. When registering, you must fill out the application form and submit all the documents you have to the General Inspectorate for Immigration. The application review period is one to two months.

Housing search

Ukrainians can live in one of six regional accommodation centers for asylum seekers managed by the General Immigration Inspectorate.

Romanians also try to help Ukrainians and accept refugees in their homes. A special platform Un Acoperiș (The Roof) has been created to search for housing. It registers legal entities and individuals who can provide rooms and houses for people living in shelters provided by the Romanian authorities.

You can search for housing independently on the resources, and The average cost of renting a one-room apartment in the cities of Romania is from 6,000 hryvnias, a three-room apartment - from 10,000 hryvnias. Utilities, about 3,000 hryvnias. In Bucharest, rental prices are much higher.

Financial assistance

In Romania, a program of financial support for Ukrainians of the UNHCR has been introduced. It is short-term and provided to meet basic needs. The application for assistance is submitted separately from the application for temporary protection.

The recipient receives 568 lei (about 4,300 hryvnias) per month per person for 3 months.

Assistance is paid to socially vulnerable segments of the population - families with children, pregnant women, single mothers or fathers, people with disabilities, etc.

More detailed information is collected at the link or on the website of assistance to Ukrainians in Romania.

We draw your attention to the fact that in order to receive financial support, you need to have a bank account, we talked about how to open one in Romania earlier.

Medical services

Based on the status of temporary protection or short-term stay, Ukrainians have the right to receive medical care in Romania - primary medical care and treatment, emergency medical care, inpatient treatment, treatment of acute and chronic diseases.

Children are provided with baby food and hygiene products, vaccinated according to the vaccination calendar, and also provided with psychological support, because war is a stress not only for adults.

We also draw your attention to the fact that if you are planning a trip abroad, you should take care of the insurance policy - because it is the guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine. In order not to have trouble abroad and to be calm for yourself and your loved ones, Visit Ukraine recommends taking out medical insurance in advance.

Where to look for work?

You can look for a job in Romania with the help of the National Employment Agency, for this you need to be registered in your territorial structure.

Also, the Jobs4Ukraine job search platform works to restore the financial stability of Ukrainians.

UNHCR is recruiting staff in Romania - official registration, social support and the opportunity to help fellow citizens - the advantages of this vacancy.

More details about job search in Romania at the link.


Children who came to Romania together with their parents have the right to receive free education - to attend preschool educational institutions and schools. Students can also leave a request to continue their studies in Romania.

It is worth noting that there are quite a few Ukrainian schools operating in Romania.

In order to learn more detailed information about education in Romania and admission rules, follow the link.

It is also possible to sign up for free Romanian language courses or get legal advice in Romania.

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