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How to organize an independent tour to Ukraine?

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How to organize an independent tour to Ukraine?

Individual independent travel is becoming more and more popular among travelers every year. Find out how to organize an individual trip to Ukraine during the war and what to pay special attention to when planning

Choose tours to Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours to Ukraine for every taste

Independent travel is a trend that has gained considerable popularity among travelers in recent decades. However, individual tours require careful preparation and planning, as an independent trip requires a tourist to be more "involved" in the process than traveling through travel agencies or other intermediaries.

How to plan a trip to Ukraine on your own and what you need to do for this is described below.

What do you need to know before planning an independent trip to Ukraine?

Before you buy tickets and pack your bags, make sure that a trip to Ukraine is really what you need right now, because traveling to a country where war is ongoing, unfortunately, involves certain risks and it is more difficult to organize such a trip on your own than in peacetime.

If you still want to go on such a trip, we recommend that you do so:

 Carefully consider the route to Ukraine (as the skies remain closed to civilian aircraft, and it may not be easy to get to Ukraine).

 Plan in advance your movement between regions/cities of Ukraine (as there is a curfew in the country, when people are not allowed to be outside and in public places).

 Take care of not only a comfortable, but also a safe place to stay (the chosen accommodation facility should have its own shelter or an equipped bomb shelter nearby that can be reached within a few minutes). For more information on where to stay and how to get around in Ukraine, click here.

 Install the Air Alert application on your phone (from the App Store or Google Play) and select the region of Ukraine where you plan to stay in the settings so that in case of a threat, you can immediately go to the nearest shelter.

 Familiarize yourself with the current border crossing rules and customs restrictions in order to prepare the necessary documents for entry and pack your personal belongings.

How to get to Ukraine on my own?

Planning a route to Ukraine is currently complicated by the lack of air travel, but you can arrive by car or by public transport. Another option is to first fly to one of the airports located close to the Ukrainian border, and then continue your journey by land. 

If you are looking for ready-made convenient routes to Ukraine, choose the country of departure and follow the link. The Visit Ukraine team has already developed the most convenient options from many countries.

How to get to Ukraine from:

USA Canada Poland Germany Slovakia Hungary Italy France NetherlandsCzech RepublicLithuania SwitzerlandSweden Turkey Austria Denmark PortugalGeorgia Bulgaria IndiaGreeceCroatia Estonia Finland Latvia Belgium Slovenia Moldova Ireland Norway Spain russia ●  United Kingdom RomaniaArmenia

You can buy train, bus, and plane tickets to Ukraine and between cities around the world, check public transport schedules, and compare fares on the Visit Ukraine website.

Visit Ukraine on social media: Telegram | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

Which regions of Ukraine are safe for traveling now?

Despite the fact that active hostilities are concentrated in the south and east of Ukraine, there are no completely safe regions, as the threat of missile and UAV attacks remains for the whole country.

However, the central and western regions of Ukraine remain relatively safe. Most often, foreigners choose the capital Kyiv, the de-occupied cities of Kyiv regionLviv region, and the Carpathians for their first trip to Ukraine.

Also, a considerable number of foreign citizens traveling to Ukraine during the war combine interesting leisure with benefit by choosing donation tours to Ukraine.

After you choose a region, you need to decide on the places you want to visit or see. It is difficult to give specific advice on locations, because each tourist is attracted by something individual and special. That is why, when planning your leisure time and itineraries, I choose sights and attractions based not on popular locations, but on personal preferences, desires, and needs. After all, a popular monastery or cathedral will not always be interesting to those who like modern architecture and vice versa.

Don't forget to check the opening hours of the selected locations, as they may vary under martial law. We also recommend asking in advance whether English-speaking guides are available at the chosen location, as a simple walk will not always be enough to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a particular place.

What things to take with you to Ukraine?

In general, traveling to Ukraine is not much different from traveling to any other European country, however, we recommend that you prepare for your trip a little more carefully. In particular, this need is related to possible power outages in Ukraine due to russian attacks on critical infrastructure.

Therefore, you may find the following useful: 

 an extra pair of thermal underwear (for the cold season);

 a power bank (two are possible) in case of prolonged power outages to stay connected;

 a thermal mug/thermos for hot drinks.

Pack the rest of the things as you would for any other trip: seasonal clothing and footwear, hygiene products, necessary medications, and equipment (camera, laptop, cell phone, etc.). However, we do not recommend taking too many things with you to stay mobile at all times.

Also, do not forget to bring your documents for entering and staying in Ukraine:

 a valid foreign passport;

 a visa (if the country does not have a visa-free regime);

 confirmation of the purpose of the trip and sufficient funds for the entire period of stay in Ukraine;

 insurance policy (preferably covering military risks; you can purchase such insurance on the Visit Ukraine website).

Please note! On our website, you can use a special form that will help you understand in more detail what documents you need to prepare to enter Ukraine. To check the rules of crossing the Ukrainian border for you, follow the link and select your citizenship in the drop-down list.

Therefore, organizing a trip to Ukraine on your own requires considerable preparation, taking into account a large number of nuances and restrictions, and therefore, if you do not have extensive experience in organizing independent travel, we recommend that you do not neglect your own safety and rely on professionals. The Visit Ukraine team has already helped more than 1000 foreign tourists organize a comfortable and safe trip to Ukraine under martial law, so you can fully rely on us to plan and implement your trip.

On our website, you can buy ready-made safe tours to Ukraine, or create an individual tour together with a manager that will fully meet your needs, preferences and desires. You can contact Visit Ukraine managers via the hotline daily from 08:00 to 02:00 (Kyiv time).

Travel with Visit Ukraine safely and confidently!

We remind you! When planning a trip to Ukraine, foreigners face a lot of questions about the rules of entry and stay in the country. Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our team of migration lawyers here.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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