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Criminal Odesa (with accommodation)
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My cousin, namely my mother-in-law Maria Hryhorivna, lives on the corner of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and Zaporizka streets. As they say in Odesa, "it's a great neighborhood!". All the gangsters of Odesa grew up there. One and a half blocks to the Jewish Hospital, Myasoedovskaya, Banny Lane, Prokhorovskaya, Chumka - all thirty-three pleasures... The heart of Moldavanka!!! I would have sobbed into your vest, if not for two circumstances: first, you did not see where she lived before!

The second is that now, when I come to her for pancakes, I visit the most legendary crossroads of criminal Odesa. No, of course, you will sing to me now about "Like on Deribasovskaya, the corner of Richelieu..." and you will be absolutely right, but ...

But I'm a historian! (And I put criminal folklore as a source of historical perception in the far corner, but I look at the root). Tell me, who took away the honor of an old woman in the famous song? That's right - "seven raiders"! And where did these bandits come from, playfully walking, sweeping the pavement with their flares, and stumbling to the crime scene? А? Are you silent? I'll answer you: from the very crossroads where my son's mother's mother is now! And you weren't there yet? Yes, that's because you haven't been on a tour of gangster Odesa.

Mykhailo Yakovlevych Vinnytskyi (known as Mishka Yaponchyk, also known as Babel's Benya Creek) was born at the above-mentioned place; his "raspberry" was located in the same place, in the premises of the current pawnshop; the most famous thieves' school was located at the same intersection. There are many stories about it. There are stories about how old Dvoira used to drag frail Itsko here with a music folder "so that he wouldn't eat dust at the Jute Factory"; about mannequins with bells; and about "pianos" on which future "virtuosos of the Privoz" practiced their finger speed

There is a lot to tell here... And then go further along the "criminal Odesa" and listen to Sonka Zolota Ruchka, Hryhorii Kotovskyi, Ataman Hryhoriev, the old Odesa prison, the catacombs with their secrets, and so on.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian and English.

About the hotel:
The five-star California Hotel was opened in 2012. It is located in the central part of Odesa - on a quiet Evreiska Street. The building is an architectural monument, it was built in 1850 by the project of Franz Morandi, an Odesa architect of Italian origin. The California boutique hotel is built with all modern technologies and equipped with the latest technology - the best designers were invited to design the furnishings of each room, who created an amazing interior that harmoniously continued the style of ancient architecture.

Comfortable rooms are equipped with all necessary appliances and free Internet access, allowing travelers to feel no particular inconvenience without the comfort of home.

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Professional guide Accommodation with breakfast

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Professional guide

Professional guide

Accommodation with breakfast

Accommodation with breakfast

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