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Bukovel, Yaremche, Verkhovyna, Hutsul fun, cheese, wine and beer tastings, Kryvorivnia, Kolomyia and more


Tour dates: December 22, January 12, 26, February 9, 23

The price does NOT include and will be paid additionally:

- entrance tickets to museums,

- food,

- participation in Hutsul fun.


The cost of entrance tickets to tourist attractions and tastings:

- Earth History Park: adults, pensioners, students - UAH 100, children under 6 years - free;

- Museum Hutsulshchyna: general and pensioners - UAH 30, student - UAH 20, pupils - UAH 15;

- ascent by chairlift to Mount Bukovel (both ways): general, student, pensioner - UAH 190/person, pensioners and children under 12 years old - UAH 150/person;

- descent on the Rodelbahn attraction: general, student, pensioner - UAH 500/person. or UAH 800/ 2 persons.

- entrance to the territory of Hutsulland Park: general, student — 250 UAH/person, pensioners and schoolchildren — 200 UAH/person,

- SPA at the Radisson Blu Resort hotel: UAH 200 for 1 hour.

- bathing in tanks: from UAH 800/hour for 4-5 people.

- tubing: 1 descent 75 hryvnias.

- cheese tasting: general, student, pensioner — 85 hryvnias.

- horseback riding — 250 hryvnias/hour.

- visit to the Stopora museum and wine tasting: general, student, pensioner — 65 hryvnias.

- excursion-concert in the museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk: general, student and apprentice - UAH 50;

- "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" museum: general, pensioner and student - 40 hryvnias, student - 35 hryvnias/person;

- entrance ticket to the Dovbush trail: general, pensioner, student - 50 hryvnias, student - 35 hryvnias.



Breakfast on the 1st day - you can have breakfast at home or take canapés with you to snack on the bus or during stops.

Lunch on the 1st day will be held at the Shtolnya cafe in Kolomyia. Menu: Ukrainian borscht, potato casserole with cheese sauce, mushrooms and chicken fillet, beetroot salad, bread, tea. The price is 130 UAH.

Dinner on the 1st day will be held in Hutsul homes. Menu: kulesh with mushrooms, chicken broth with homemade noodles, cheese, tea from Carpathian herbs. The price is 140 UAH/person.

Breakfast on the 2nd day will be held in Hutsul homes. Menu: omelette, flatbreads, sandwiches with cheese, tea/coffee. The price is 90 UAH/person.

Lunch on the 2nd day will be held in cafes, restaurants of the Bukovel resort at the tourists' own choice.

Dinner on the 2nd day - may take place in Verkhovyna at the "U Halyny" cafe in the form of a "HUTSUL FUN!" Menu: porcini mushroom soup, Hutsul cabbage rolls, a sweet treat, tea made from fragrant healing Carpathian herbs.


In order to get to know the Hutsul people, their character, customs, cuisine, we invite you to visit the Hutsul party.

During the fun, you can expect:

- dishes of Hutsul cuisine: white mushroom soup, banush with cheese, tea made from fragrant healing Carpathian herbs

- singing and dancing by the Hutsul chapel "Dovbushova Taistra";

- master classes on Hutsul dances: hutsulka, resheto, golubka;

- Hutsul chants, kolomyikas, songs about the Carpathians;

- consecration to the Hutsuls;

- and dancing, dancing, dancing to fiery Hutsul music.

The cost of the Hutsul dinner and participation in the fun is 250 hryvnias/person.

The cost of participating in the fun without dinner is 120 UAH/person.

Note: Hutsul fun takes place if there is a group of 15 or more people willing to participate.

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian


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Day 1

Departure from Lviv (08:00) — Pidhirya (visiting the park "UNDERHILL") - Kolomyia (lunch, taking photos near the "Pysanky" museum, visiting the "Hutsulshchyna" museum) — Verkhovyna (tasting "Verkhovyna" draft beer, settlement to Hutsul estates).

Day 2

Breakfast and departure (08:00) — Bukovel (climbing by chairlift to the top of Bukovel Mountain and viewing the Carpathian panorama, tubing, roller coaster ride, visiting Hutsul Land, lunch, visiting the "SPA" of the Radisson Blu Resort) — Verkhovyna (return to the estates, dinner, Hutsul fun).

Day 3

Breakfast and departure (09:00) — Verkhovyna (climbing to the observation tower, riding horses and sleighs, tasting cheese at the cheese stall, visiting the Stopora museum and wine tasting, lunch, swimming in vats, dinner at the estates).

Day 4

Breakfast and departure (08:00) — Verkhovyna (excursion and photographing in Hutsul clothing in the museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors") — Yaremche (Dovbush Trail, rock inspection, lunch, waterfall inspection, souvenir shopping) — Lviv (return to 22:00).

5 reasons to choose tour


Acquaintance with the history, customs, culture of one of the most interesting ethnic groups in the world - the Hutsuls


The best dishes of Hutsul cuisine


Skiing, sledding, snowboarding at one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe


The most outstanding historical and natural sights of the region: Hutsul temples, waterfalls, rivers, picturesque Carpathian landscapes, Hutsul museums


An unforgettable "Hutsul fun" with music, dancing, singing and delicious Hutsul snacks

Key landmarks



The "Park of the History of the Earth" opens its doors to everyone who wants to learn about the Cenozoic era, which began 66 million years ago and continues today. The entertainment and educational park stretched over 8 hectares. The museum will tell about the history of the creation and origin of life on Earth.



The city of Kolomiyok, one of the most beautiful cities of Galicia, with a wonderful Art Nouveau building in the central part of the city. You should definitely visit the business card of Kolomyia - the unique and only in the world Museum of Easter egg painting, also known as the "Museum of Easter eggs", it is located in the largest egg in the world (13.5 m) and has an exposition of 12,000 exhibits. The city is also waiting for you: one of the best museums of Ukraine - the National Museum of Folk Art of Hutsul region and Pokuttia named after of Josaphat Kobrynskyi, one of the oldest in Ukraine, the wooden Church of the Annunciation (1587) and the town hall (1877), which is not in the center of the square. The market is on the street corner.



The former Zhabye, on the Black Cheremosh River, the center of one of the most interesting regions of Ukraine, hospitably invites you to a concert-excursion to the private Hutsul museum of life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk, as well as the hut-museum of the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" (with photography in Hutsul clothes) and the "Hat-Staya" museum (with the purchase of cheese). Here you can also visit the Corkscrew museum, sample teas at Grandfather's pharmacy, learn how to sculpt authentic Hutsul cheese horses, fish for trout and just have a good time. You can experience the taste of Hutsul cheese in the Khata-staya museum of Polonist life. And beer lovers will especially enjoy the live "Verkhovyna" beer, brewed from high-quality Bavarian malt and hops on crystal Carpathian water.



Ski resort No. 1 in Ukraine, where you can climb a chairlift to the top of Mount Bukovel (1115 m) from which a wonderful panorama of Gorgan and the Black Mountain range opens, here you can find entertainment for every taste. We invite you to relax in Bukovel, because here you will find classes for every taste: - The "VODA club" complex is located on the shore of Lake Molodosti in the Bukovel ski resort. It includes an SPA area, an all-season outdoor pool, a rooftop bar and two restaurants. In the summer, vacationers can sit on deckchairs on the shore of the lake, near the large pool or in the relaxation zone, as well as have fun on the slides of the inflatable water park in the form of a labyrinth. In the evening and at night, discos, shows and performances by artists are regularly held here. - swimming in tanks, riding horses, climbing the cable car to the top of Mount Bukovel, incredible Carpathian landscapes, attractions for every taste, incredible photos are waiting for you.



The legendary village of "Ukrainian Athens" has preserved for us the classic Hutsul church of the Holy Mother of God (1719) and the hut-museum "Hutsul Township". Picturesque Kryvorivnia was liked by I. Frank, M. Hrushevskyi, H. Hotkevich, M. Kotsyubynskyi, I. Trush and dozens of other prominent figures, and obviously you will like it too.



A famous climatic resort located between picturesque mountains in the picturesque valley of the Prut River. Thousands of people are mesmerized every year by the Yaremchansky Huk cascade waterfall and the wooden Hutsulshchyna restaurant.

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

Travel insurance

Travel insurance



Accommodation takes place in cozy Hutsul manors of green tourism in the city of Verkhovyna, rooms: 2- and 3-bed with benefits.

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.