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Welcome to ancient Chernihiv - a city where legends are intertwined with a rich centuries-old history! During the times of Kyiv Rus, it competed in its grandeur with the capital city of Kyiv.

The unique historical landscape and ancient architecture allowed Chernihiv to become a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List!

During the walking tour, we will visit Val - the heart of ancient Chernihiv. Let's take a walk along the Alley of Ancient Cannons and find out why it is better not to make a date near the 13th cannon. We will visit one of the oldest temples in Ukraine - the Transfiguration Cathedral. In the era of Kyiv Rus, there was a tomb of the Chernihiv princes here, and the signs of the zodiac and a sundial are encrypted in the walls of the temple! In the Borisoglebsky Cathedral, we will see a masterpiece of baroque jewellery art - the silver royal gates, made from a pagan idol by order of Hetman Ivan Mazepa. During its centuries-old history, the cathedral has experienced many trials. Now it houses a museum with a collection of unique artefacts. Next to the ancient cathedrals, you can see "Chernihiv Athens", so poetically in the 18th century, the Collegium was called, the first educational institution of the highest level in Left-Bank Ukraine. We will get acquainted with its interesting history and original architecture during our tour. And we will also visit the Boldino Mountains, the place of power of Ancient Chernihiv! In the pre-Christian era, one of the largest Slavic necropolises and the temple of the pagan god Perun were located here. During the tour, we will learn how the famous hero Ilya Muromets was associated with these places.

We will also go down to the Anthony Caves, founded by the father of Russian monasticism, St. Anthony of the Caves. If you believe the legends, the underground passages of these caves lead to Kyiv itself! There is the highest underground church in Ukraine. And there are also rumours that the ghost of the mysterious monk Tarasius roams the dark corridors of the caves...

After the Caves, we will visit the Trinity Monastery - founded in the 17th century, it has long been an important religious centre of Left-Bank Ukraine. The relics of the Chernihiv Saints rest in the main cathedral of the monastery, so pilgrims from all over Ukraine and neighbouring countries often come there. We will climb the monastery bell tower, from where stunning views of ancient and modern Chernihiv open up. And this is only a small part of what can be seen in the city of Chernihiv. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to discover this beautiful quiet town, whose history goes back 1300 years! You will learn many interesting and sometimes mystical stories and legends that took place in Chernihiv and you will want to come back here again!

The cost of the tour does not include: the cost of transport and meals.

Entrance tickets to the museum of the Borisoglebsky Cathedral and Anthony's Caves are paid additionaly.

Price for 1-10 people, regardless of the number of participants.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian, may be in other languages on the request.

5 reasons to choose tour


Learn the secrets and legends of the city, which is 1300 years old


Visit places of power


See 5 temples of Kyiv Rus - the third part of all architectural heritage of the pre-Mongol era in Ukraine


Enjoy the scenery of a cosy and environmentally friendly city Fall in love with


Chernihiv and come here again

Key landmarks


Princely Detinets

The central fortified part of ancient Chernihiv, the residence of the Chernihiv princes. There were the prince's tower, the dwellings of noble boyars and the clergy, and the main city cathedral. Detynets was fortified with an earthen rampart with wooden walls and towers on it, being an inner city fortress, under the protection of the walls of which Chernihiv residents hid during enemy raids.


Catherine's Church

Catherine's Church in Chernihiv was built in 1715 in the Cossack baroque style, located in the historical centre of the city, on the territory of the park "Detinets" (Val) and is considered a symbolic entrance gate to the city. According to historical sources, the Cossack church was built in honour of the capture of the Ottoman fortress of Azov by the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.


Anthony caves

It is one of the most outstanding monuments of the times of Kyiv Rus in Chernihiv. Their history begins in the second half of the 11th century, when the founder of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, St. Anthony, came to Chernihiv and dug the first cave on the Boldin Hills (right bank of the Desna).


Boldyny mountains

On the right bank of the Desna, covering its floodplain in a wide arc, there is a historical area - Boldyny Hory. These hills are up to 35 meters high, located two kilometres from the historical centre of Chernihiv, and are the natural dominant of the Chernihiv landscape. These places have been inhabited since ancient times and have preserved many historical, archaeological and architectural monuments. The area got its name from the old Ukrainian "bold" (mountains), or, which is also very likely, from the ancient Slavic "bold" (oak).


Ancient Pyatnitska Church

In the ancient city of Chernihiv, there is an outstanding monument of the era of Kyiv Rus - the Pyatnitska Church or the Church of Paraskeva-Pyatnitsa. The church was named after the Christian Great Martyr Paraskeva, who was elevated to the rank of saints. She is considered to be the patroness of fields and cattle, a healer of mental and bodily ailments. Paraskeva has long been revered as the patroness of trade. The church was built on the market square. Many centuries later, Pyatnitska Church remains an active religious temple. Locals call it the "pearl" of ancient Chernihiv, which amazes tourists with its unusual and charming architecture.

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Professional guide

Professional guide

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