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"Art and nature have done everything that can beautify this strange place," wrote the famous artist Lev Zhemchuzhnikov about Sedniv. And indeed, original architectural monuments together with the incredible beauty of the landscape formed a special spirit of this ancient town, the history of which is shrouded in numerous tales and legends.

Poets, artists and sculptors appreciated the beauty of the Sedniv landscapes. T.G. Shevchenko visited that place twice, and since 1964 the House of Creativity of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine has been located there! Even today, in various picturesque corners of the town, you can meet artists with easels. Therefore, there is no better name for a sightseeing tour of ancient Sedniv than "Sedniv watercolours"!

The program includes the most prominent sights of Sedniv:

- Resurrection Church;

- Lyzogubiv tenement house;

- St. George's Church;

- Lyzogub estate;

- Palace school.

Sedniv has its own, special cosy atmosphere, which you can feel after travelling only 25 km from Chernihiv! And at the same time rest your soul, walking along age-old alleys, daydreaming about the beautiful and eternal...

So, we invite you to Sedniv!

Price for 1-10 people, regardless of the number of participants. Walking tour.

The transfer Chernihiv - Sedniv - Chernihiv is paid separately if you do not have your own transport.

The cost of the transfer is 900 UAH.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian, may be in other languages on the request.

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5 reasons to choose tour


To relax in nature


To get vivid impressions


To drink from the Holy spring


To admire the picturesque scenery


To feel the local flavour

Key landmarks


St. George's Church

The wooden three-log St. George's Church is considered one of the best creations of Ukrainian folk architecture. It was built from pine without a single nail in the 18th century. Since St. George symbolized the military victory of the defenders of the native land, it was in this church that the Cossacks of the Sedniv Hundred of the Chernihiv Regiment consecrated their weapons before military campaigns. Inside, the church is very spacious, filled with light, and somehow homely. And there is little to remind us that it was here in 1966 that the main scenes of the horror film "Vii" based on M. Gogol's story were filmed. Since that time, the ancient wooden church of St.George has been popularly called "Vieva"...


Lyzogubiv tenement house

At the end of the 17th century, Chernihiv colonel Yakiv Lyzogub established his estate in Sedniv. Its main buildings were the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin and the so-called "stone house", that is, a brick house. It was built in 1690, it is the oldest brick residential building in the Dnipro region. Inside, the living rooms have like two floors each - the main floor and the semi-basement. From the lower tier, you could get to a mysterious underground passage. Sedniv was a fortress city, it is quite likely that there were secret underground passages that connected the ancient buildings of the town. Tsar Peter I stayed there when he visited Sedniv in 1706. The tenement house offers a wonderful picturesque view of the floodplain of the Snov river.


Resurrection Church

Around 1692, Colonel Yakiv Lyzogub from Chernihiv built the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Sedniv - one of the earliest examples of Ukrainian Baroque. Later it was called Voskresenskaya. The church served as a family tomb, in the crypt of which representatives of the Lyzogub family were buried. In 1924, 44 mummified burials of the XVII-XIX centuries were discovered in the underground chambers of the church. At one time, T.G. Shevchenko painted an icon of the Nativity of the Virgin, especially for the church. Paintings of the 19th century have been partially preserved inside the temple. In the churchyard is the grave of the "man of God" Hryts Zolotyusenky - the most respected local fool who possessed the gift of foresight. And behind the altar part of the church stands a mysterious stone cross, brought in 1650 by Sedniv Cossacks from the island of Khortytsia. Ancient inscriptions on it can still be seen...


Lyzogub estate

In the 19th century the heyday of the Lyzogub manor in Sedniv. Andriy and Ilya Ivanovich Lyzoguby built a romantic gazebo, a Red Bridge, a mysterious grotto and many other structures. Fountains were installed in the park thanks to the efforts of Ilya Ivanovich, one of which, "Hetman", had a jet even higher than the famous Peterhof "Samson"! The one-story manor house of the Lyzogubs, built in the style of late classicism, was located right in the middle of the park. In 1846 and 1847, T.G. Shevchenko came to visit Lyzoguby. And in the gazebo above Snov, inspired by the picturesque landscape that opens from it, the poet-biker Leonid Glibov wrote his famous "Zhurba", which became a folk song: The mountain is high, A grove under the mountain, Green grove, dense, It's like paradise...


Palace School

In 2012, an educational complex was opened in Sedniv, consisting of a comprehensive school and a kindergarten nursery. In the modern premises of the complex, the architecture of which resembles a luxurious palace, the most comfortable conditions for the stay of children have been created: equipped bright classrooms with new furniture, game rooms and recreation rooms, educational workshops, a sports hall and a medical centre. All premises are located on a territory of 3.8 hectares, and the total area of the building is more than 6000 square meters! On the territory of the complex, there is a football field and a tennis court with an artificial surface, a basketball court, paved paths and flower beds have been created, and there is a boiler room. Even metropolitan academies and universities would envy such a chic building of a "rural" school!

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

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