About this tour

I propose to take pictures of Odessa, combining a master class on shooting with a film camera and a walk along a non-tourist, free route.

At the meeting, I will explain to you in theory and immediately in practice the essence and basics of film photography: shutter speed, aperture, and their combinations depending on the lighting, film and the subject/view being shot. All this is quite an exciting activity, developing attention and completely exciting.

Each frame will be made more consciously, given that the number of frames on film is limited. The very quality of film photography is not that better than digital or mobile but is simply radically different on many fronts. With different settings on the camera and lens, you can get different results in terms of light, focus, and atmosphere, even when shooting one object/view (yes, you can also do it on digital devices, but the result is immediately visible there, but on a film camera, everything is independent, based on previous knowledge).

This is a great opportunity to try this type of photography for the first time while walking around Odessa and take your vision of the city with you. Or vice versa, the opportunity to put aside gadgets for a while, and remember how before, before the advent of the digital world, they were filmed. This is also a good opportunity not to take up space with hundreds of photos on the phone's memory and not waste time selecting them.

How it will happen:

- When we meet, I'll lend you my camera (if you don't have your own) and bring a new reel of film.

- After completing the walk/shooting, I send the film for developing and scanning.

- As soon as it is ready (2-4 days), I will send you digitized frames by e-mail, with my comments/recommendations (it is also possible to analyze your photos by phone).

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5 reasons to choose tour


Theory and practice in film photography


Take pictures of interesting places in Odessa on your own


During a walk through non-tourist places, listen about the history of the city


Bring your footage with you and not spend a lot of time selecting them and not occupy your phone with hundreds of files


Interesting and exciting time

What is included?

Photo guide

Photo guide

Photos on film

Photos on film

The film, its development, photo scanning and analysis of the results

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.