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Breathe in the Carpathians to the fullest: look at the views from the tops of the mountains: Hymba, Vysokyi Verkh, and from the windows of the Carpathian tram. Listen to the waterfalls and visit Lake Synevyr. Meet the local inhabitants - brown bears and wolves.

Tour dates: 19.07, 02.08, 09.08, 16.08, 06.09, 20.09, 05.10, 19.10.

Tour program

Day 1

8:45 Departure from Lviv (1 Dvortseva Square, Railway Station);

Carpathian tram;

Time for lunch;

The center of the Vyhodiv narrow-gauge railway;

The Black Bee honey plant;

22:00 (approximately) Check-in in Pylypets;

Day 2

Bunker of the Arpad Line;

Palanok Castle;

Lark thermal pools;

Wine tasting;

Return to the hotel;

Day 3

Lake Synevyr;

Rehabilitation center for brown bears;

The Valley of Wolves Ecopark;


Mineral water tasting in Soimy;

Return to the hotel;

Day 4

A trip to the Borzhava ridge (Mount Hymba or Vysoky Verkh);

Shipot waterfall;

Tasting of liqueurs;

Vats in Pylypets (optional);

Return to the hotel;

Day 5

Check-out from the hotel;

Eco-farm "Mukko" (cheese tasting);

A tour of Truskavets;

Spa in Truskavets;

21:00 approximate return to Lviv (1 Dvortseva Square, Railway Station);

*To book a tour with meals, select the option "Five-day tour with meals" when booking a tour.

The price of the tour to the Carpathians for 5 days INCLUDES: travel along the route by a Euro-class bus; accommodation; insurance; guide-explorer support.

The price of the tour to the Carpathians for 5 days does NOT include: meals; personal expenses; entrance tickets;

Entrance ticket prices: Carpathian tram: adults - 200 UAH; children (6 to 14 years old) - 100 UAH, children under 6 years old (without extra seat) - free of charge. Tasting in the Black Bee honey factory (honey and honey products): 60 UAH/person. Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Railway Heritage Center: general admission: 95 UAH, students: 70 UAH, children: 55 UAH. Arpad Line Bunker: adults - 100 UAH, concessions - 70 UAH, children under 14 - 50 UAH. Palanok Castle: adults - 100 UAH, discounted - 50 UAH, children under 14 - 40 UAH. Thermal pools "Zhayvoronok": 2 hours: adults - 240 UAH, children - 120 UAH, changing boxes - 30 UAH. Wine tasting: 90 UAH. Lake Synevyr: adults: 60 UAH, children: 30 UAH. Bear Rehabilitation Center: adult entrance fee: 60 UAH, discounted rate: 30 UAH. Ecopark with wolves: adults - 80 UAH, children - 50 UAH. Kolochava (Old Village Museum and Wolf's Hutsul Fun): 250 UAH, without entertainment - 120 UAH. Tasting of 7 liqueurs and snacks: 150 UAH. Lift to Mount Hymba: adults/privileged/children (under 12): 180/130/free UAH or jeeping to Mount Hymba: 250 UAH. Shypit waterfall: adults - 20 UAH, children - 10 UAH. SPA-center of the Geneva Hotel (for 2 hours of stay): general - 350 UAH/person, children from 3 to 12 years old - 175 UAH/person, children under 6 years old - free of charge. Eco-farm "Mukko": general, pensioner, students - 200 UAH, schoolchildren - 150 UAH. Vat in Pylypets: 2 hours - 1600 UAH (vat for 8 people) Extra charge for single accommodation: 1200 UAH.

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All amenities

They will transport you, settle you down, and tell you a thousand more interesting stories along the way. And if you choose the "Food" option, they will also feed you!



The tour is quite voluminous, you will see a huge number of natural, historical, resort curiosities.


Full support

If something doesn't work out, there's a force majeure, payment doesn't go through or you can't plan your time - our managers will help you solve all problems.



The trip is aimed not only at getting cool impressions, but also at spiritual and physical rest... Relax and have fun


Cool team

Our guides always know what you need, work professionally and have a lot of experience. P.S. They also tell very interesting stories.

Key landmarks


Pylypets resort








Truskavets resort

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route



Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.