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There are corners in our country where the land itself speaks to us with the voices of our ancestors, where the past seems so close, where the history of the Motherland is alive. One of these places is the "Field of the Battle of Berestets" reserve, located on the island of Zhuravlykha, near the village of Plyasheva, Radyvyliv district.

During the tumultuous years of the liberation war of the Ukrainian people under the pretext of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky in 1651 that one of the significant battles in the history of Ukraine took place with the army of the Polish king Jan Casimir the Second - Crane Island. According to legend, the name arose from the combination of the words "zhura" and "disaster". Because after the battle, everything here was strewn with bones. Residents ploughed them with ploughs a hundred years later.

To honour the heroes, an architectural complex was created near the battle site in 1910-1912, the centre of which is the St. George's Church in the Ukrainian Baroque style with a Cossack tomb.

We will also visit the legendary tract of Monastyrshchyna village. The island is a Cossack cemetery. Cossacks who died on the battlefield were buried here. Today, there are only two stone crosses in the Monastir region. You can still see the inscription "1651" on them - the year of the dramatic battle near Berestechko.

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The price is for 1-10 people, regardless of the number of participants.

Groups of more than 10 people upon request.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian.

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Acquaintance with the history, customs, and culture of Volyn


A walk along princely paths


Architectural landmarks of princely times


Excursion to historical places of Cossack glory


Stories of heroic battles, feats and sacrifices

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Professional guide

Professional guide

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