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Free Stockholm: how to save on museums and activities



Free Stockholm: how to save on museums and activities

We create materials and work 24/7 thanks to your support
We create materials and work 24/7 thanks to your support

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is not a cheap city, and in some places it is even very expensive. Indeed, a stay in Stockholm can turn out to be quite a sum. But you can go to the Swedish capital and have a great time in economy mode. Read more about how you can save money and have fun at the same time.


Stockholm has a lot of great museums and galleries, and it's a good chance to get a little culturally rich. For example, the Royal Armoury, the Army Museum and the National Museum are completely free.

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art Moderna is also open to the public all year round. And there you can find the works of Matisse, Dali, Warhol and other famous artists.

You can also visit the Museum of Ethnography, which is dedicated to the cultures of the indigenous peoples of different continents, for free. The Swedes themselves were once introduced to them by pioneer scientists and traders, and now this cultural "circle" is available to everyone.

Also, worth your attention is the exhibition of the Swedish Museum of Natural History, which consists of 11 exhibits. Not only adults will like it here, but also children: exhibits fascinatingly lead viewers into the world of ancient times to the present day. Entrance to the planetarium is available for a nominal surcharge: thanks to the huge screen, the effect of presence is felt especially powerfully.

In addition, we advise you to visit the Maritime History Museum, which will present you with 7 "ship-naval" exhibits related to the Swedes and their history. As an alternative, we offer the Mediterranean Museum. Entrance to both museums is free.

And for those who love photojournalism and documentary photography, go to Galleri Kontrast without hesitation. The expositions there are very interesting, and you don't need to pay for viewing.

Free activities

Never wanted to learn Swedish? Let's not hide that it will not be easy, because this language is not similar to other European languages. But to learn at least a few phrases, visit Språkcafé – a cafe and library where language meetings are held. Here, locals help you learn the language in an informal setting, during conversations on common topics. In addition, the party at such meetings is very often international, and you can make friends with foreigners once or twice. And sometimes they also organize language practice for learning English there.

Walking through the city center, you can visit Stockholm's Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. Libraries, art exhibitions, a cinema and a theater were located there. And if you are traveling with children, then you should take a look at the so-called "room for children" - Rum för Barn. This is not a game with a labyrinth, but a real children's library where you can read books in many languages. Children's drawing and sculpting workshops are held here almost every day, but for an additional fee.

Well, if there is a desire to walk through a beautiful well-kept park and think about the eternal, go to the Stockholm cemetery Skogskyrkogården. It is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list and is considered an important landmark of the Swedish capital.

Inexpensive food

Cafes and restaurants in Stockholm are far from cheap. Therefore, you can often see even local residents with homemade lunch boxes. Don't be lazy, pop into a budget Lidl or Coop and pick up a simple grocery kit for sandwiches and yogurt - it'll cost you around €10. Make yourself comfortable in any city park and enjoy a picnic.

If you are still attracted to restaurants, we recommend a few inexpensive ones. You can have a hearty lunch at Mom's Kitchen. Meatballs with cranberry sauce and French fries, like at Ikea, cost 150 kroner (about €14), Greek salad - 120 kroner (€11), "Caesar" with chicken - 130 kroner (€12). For Stockholm, this is a penny.

And if you cannot live without seafood, go to the cozy Kajsas Fisk restaurant. Lunch here costs 115 kroner (10.5 euros), fish soup - 125 kroner (11.5 euros), "fish and chips" - 75 kroner (6.9 euros).

Far from healthy, but very tasty food at Gunter's korvar fast food. The most famous Stockholm hot dogs will be prepared for you there. And you will be surprised by the fact that everyone chooses sausages from different countries of the world for their hot dog. A hot dog with a side dish and a drink costs about 100 kroner (€10).

We wish you good travels!

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