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20 Oct. 2022


When the war in Ukraine will end: Budanov gave an optimistic forecast



When the war in Ukraine will end: Budanov gave an optimistic forecast

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Kirill Budanov, the head of the main intelligence agency of Ukraine, is considered to be the person who can give the most accurate forecasts regarding the development of the war. In an interview for "Obozrevatel", Budanov answered the most popular questions and gave a fairly optimistic forecast: the war may end by next summer.

We will remind you, that earlier, Budanov already gave predictions that "came true". For example, he was almost the only one who correctly predicted when a full-scale Russian invasion would take place, naming January-February 2022. And also in the spring of 2022, he said that the turning point in the war will take place in August, when Ukraine really launched a counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, which became the most brilliant operation in modern military history.

According to the Major General, by the end of this year, the Armed Forces will make significant progress, and the war will end by the beginning of summer.

When will the war end?

Kyrylo Budanov added optimism to Ukrainians with restrained comments. His faith in the inevitable defeat of the Russian Federation does not disappear: "Russia's defeat is inevitable, it cannot be stopped, and it will lead to its destruction."

According to Budanov's forecasts, this should end at the end of spring, and the war will end by summer. The end of the war, according to him, is the exit to the borders of 1991.

Changes in Russia

He also gave a forecast about the future of Russia. After entering the borders in 1991, the world should wait for a serious political process related to changes in the Russian Federation. We should expect the separation of certain regions of the country and the payment of reparations to Ukraine.

Is the threat of an attack on Belarus real?

The head of the GUR also commented on the possibility of an attack from Belarus. According to him, there are currently no signs of preparations for a second offensive.

"Belarusians do not have the forces that could frighten us very much, so Russia is transferring personnel there and mostly with automobile equipment, that is, it is just a picture. At least at this stage", - Budanov noted.