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17 Oct. 2022


Kyiv was attacked by kamikaze drones: how to recognize the Shaheds and protect yourself



Kyiv was attacked by kamikaze drones: how to recognize the Shaheds and protect yourself

Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day
Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day

On the morning of October 17, mass attacks by Iranian kamikaze drones "Shahed-136" on Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine were repeated. Energy and civil infrastructure objects are most often attacked by enemies, so civilians suffer the most.

The danger of Iranian drones lies in the fact that they are small and fly at a low altitude, so they are difficult to detect and neutralize in time by air defense means. In addition, they have a long flight range, so they can attack in any region of Ukraine.

How to recognize Shahed-136?

It is quite easy to recognize the approach of aircraft of this type - they are very loud, and the sound of their engine is similar to the sound of a chainsaw or a moped, which can sometimes be heard several kilometers away. Read more here.

How to protect yourself in case of a kamikaze drone attack?

• When you hear the air danger signal and the sound of the moped engine, go to the shelter.

• If you do not have time to get to the bomb shelter, go to the underground parking lot, passage or follow the "two walls" rule.

• Do not stay in traffic, get out and move as far away from the road as possible. And find a possible shelter there.

• Avoid military installations and administrative offices.

• Do not stay in entrances, under arches on staircases, in basements of panel buildings, near cars, gas stations, etc.

• If you are under fire outside, look for any ledge, depression in the ground, or ditch.

• Lie on the ground, cover your head with your hands and open your mouth. Indoors, choose a place in the corner and close to the exit in order to leave the house immediately in the event of a projectile hit.

• Do not approach the crash site of a downed drone or touch the debris.

Attention! Report any information about enemy UAVs and the location of wreckage by calling 102.

Will mass attacks by the Russian Federation on Ukrainian cities cause the departure of Ukrainian citizens abroad?

The State Border Service reported that more people left Ukraine than returned last week. This trend is observed for the first time since May.

During the week from October 8 to 14, more than 11,000 people left Ukraine through the western border. However, the flow to the entrance was immediately reduced by 26 thousand. We previously reported that Poland is already preparing to receive a new wave of refugees.

How can I help?

Due to the fact that Russia mercilessly destroys the energy infrastructure every day, tens of thousands of Ukrainians may be left without electricity and heat.

Each of us can imagine what a dark and cold apartment or house is like, but winter is approaching and preventing Ukrainians from freezing due to constant shelling is a very important goal. So now is the time to come together and do your part to combat drones and the aftermath of enemy attacks. Visit Ukraine is starting a charity collection - click on the link and join the collection for the most important things that will not let us freeze in winter. It is important not to lose vigilance, because the war continues, and victory will soon come from our joint efforts.

Glory to Ukraine! Together we are a force!

Photo: hromadske