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26 Oct. 2022


Free Airbnb housing for Ukrainians: how to book?

Free Airbnb housing for Ukrainians: how to book?

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

The charity project United for Ukraine together with the online accommodation service Airbnb have resumed the program of providing free temporary housing to Ukrainian refugees in Europe. The search for options for short-term accommodation will continue until December 31, 2022.

As the organizers of the action note, earlier as part of the United4Ukraine project, they already helped more than 11,000 Ukrainians fleeing the war to find housing. These are hundreds of families that found temporary shelter and were able to focus on solving other important issues related to moving to a new country.

Who can participate?

• Housing is provided exclusively to families with children;

• Housing is provided for 7 to 30 days;

• Accommodation is provided only to persons who have not previously used United for Ukraine services.

How to apply and book free accommodation?

You can apply for free temporary housing in Europe on the United For Ukraine platform in the "Find temporary housing" section.

In order to receive free accommodation, refugees must provide information to whom, where and for how long they need accommodation.

In addition, it will be necessary to confirm that the family is looking for housing due to the fact that they left Ukraine as a result of a full-scale war. It is possible to confirm this with a Ukrainian passport, work permit or residence permit in Ukraine.

Attention! The passport must have a stamp stating that the family left Ukraine after February 24, 2022.