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25 Apr. 2024


Spain for Ukrainians in 2024: how to arrange protection, social support, housing, work and basic rules for refugees

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Spain for Ukrainians in 2024: how to arrange protection, social support, housing, work and basic rules for refugees

This year, Spain continues to accept Ukrainian refugees and grant them temporary protection status until March 2025. Find out more about the rules of entry, stay, the procedure for obtaining temporary protection in Spain in 2024 and what assistance Ukrainians can expect

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Apply for a Green Card online and get fuel as a gift

In 2024, Spain, like many other EU countries, continues to accept Ukrainians and grant refugees the status of temporary protection. In the last 3 months alone, Spain accepted another 2,255 Ukrainians, becoming one of the top three countries that increased the number of temporary protection statuses issued.

Currently, you can apply for asylum here until March 2025, but this period can be extended if the situation in Ukraine does not stabilize. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit is quite standard, but it has several important nuances.

How to apply for temporary protection in Spain in 2024 and what social support can be obtained? Read more in our new article.

In which EU countries can you get re-protection in 2024? Find out here.

Read this article to find out how to renew a lost driver's license in Spain.

Where to get a Ukrainian passport in Spain: details here.

Rules of entry to Spain for Ukrainians in 2024

In order to cross the border of Spain, a citizen of Ukraine must have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad - BIOMETRIC.

If you entered Spain with an expired passport, you can apply to the nearest diplomatic/consular office in Spain to extend the validity of your foreign passport.

Children have the right to enter Spain on the basis of a birth certificate. After crossing the border, you can enter information about the child in your foreign passport or issue a separate document for the child at the nearest diplomatic/consular institution in Spain.

Ukrainians can stay in Spain for 90 days without the need for a visa. If it is necessary to extend the stay in Spain, it is necessary to contact the Service for Foreigners of Spain (according to the place of stay in the territory of the country) in advance - before the allowed 90 days within 180 days have passed.

Temporary protection status gives the right to live, work and study in the country.

There are no restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Spain has abolished the requirement to present vaccination certificates, recovery certificates or diagnostic certificates upon entry.

Moving to Spain with pets

Moving to Spain with pets is allowed. However, to cross borders, it is necessary to:

1. The animal was identified using a microchip.

2. Less vaccination against rabies.

3. Antibody titration was performed, the sample must be taken at least 30 days after vaccination and three months before the planned movement.

4. An international certificate accompanying the animal has been issued, or, in the case of reintroduction, a passport confirming vaccination and an antibody titration test is required.

4. Dogs, cats and ferrets under the age of seven months are not allowed (the term is determined by the age of vaccination and the determination of post-vaccination antibodies).

Who has the right to apply for temporary protection in Spain?

Spain provides temporary protection:

- Ukrainians who were forced to leave Ukraine after February 24, 2022;

- citizens of Ukraine who were in Spain until February 24, 2022 and now cannot return home;

- citizens of third countries and stateless persons who legally resided in Ukraine on the basis of a valid permit and cannot return to their country.

It is not necessary to worry about refugee status in Spain, given that the procedure for its registration has a number of restrictions.

How to apply for temporary protection status in Spain?

Temporary protection status can be obtained at the Reception, Assistance and Coordination Centers (CREADE) located in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Alicante or at police stations throughout the country.

Reception of citizens is by appointment, contact number (+34) 91 047 44 44 (24/7, in Ukrainian and Spanish).

● List of documents for obtaining protection:

- biometric passport for traveling abroad;

- the child's birth certificate (if you moved to Spain together);

- residential address in Spain (if available).

After submitting the application, the Ukrainian will receive a document on submitting an application for temporary protection and a NIE number - the identification number of a foreigner.

The application for temporary protection is considered within 24 hours. You will receive the decision at your e-mail address or at the National Police station or the office for foreigners. Submitting a request is free.

Temporary protection in Spain is issued for 1 year (with the possibility of extension up to 3 years).

When can temporary protection be refused in Spain?

A Ukrainian may be refused temporary protection if:

- the applicant will not pass a criminal record check,

- a foreigner may pose a threat to Spain's national security.

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What are NIE and TIE numbers in Spain?

NIE is a special number that a foreigner will need to carry out all kinds of economic transactions in Spain, including for official employment, opening a bank account, obtaining a mortgage, etc.

Also, after obtaining temporary protection status in Spain, a Ukrainian must issue a foreigner's identification card (TIE) - confirmation of your residence permit for authorities, banking institutions, etc.

What rights does a Ukrainian get after obtaining temporary protection in Spain?

After receiving a document on temporary protection, a Ukrainian in Spain will have the right to:

- live in the country;

- get a job legally;

- to receive education for children younger than 18 years old, on the same terms as citizens of the country;

- medical care (in particular, treatment of chronic diseases and oncology);

- social services (legal and psychological assistance, social support, language learning, etc.

Importantly! From September 2023, in Spain, payments of financial assistance to Ukrainians with temporary protection have been suspended.

Medical assistance for Ukrainians in Spain

Citizens of Ukraine who have arrived in Spain for the purpose of obtaining temporary protection will be provided with the necessary medical care within the framework of the current health care system, depending on their needs. According to Spanish legislation, temporarily displaced citizens of Ukraine are granted the same rights to free medical care as citizens of this country.

To obtain a medical card, you need to contact the Primary Medical Care Center (CAP - Centro de Atención Primaria) at the place of your temporary stay with a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad or another document certifying identity and citizenship. CAR accepts citizens without prior appointment. The nearest CAR can be found by following the link.

Obtaining a medical card does not depend on whether you have already applied to the Police for Foreigners for temporary protection or not.

If you need urgent help, call 112.

Housing in Spain for Ukrainians in 2024

The majority of Ukrainians moving to Spain in 2024 will rent housing on their own. You can find housing without intermediaries in local newspapers, magazines or newsgroups. There are also many services for finding accommodation for rent:,,, and

If you have found a good housing option, you need to book it before the inspection, it is better to do it through an agency, because it can guarantee the return of the reservation fee if the housing does not suit you.

After a successful inspection, a Lease Agreement (contrato de arrendamiento) is created, it can be both written and oral. Keep in mind that most often it involves a security deposit.

● Package of documents for renting housing in Spain:

- Confirmation of solvency (employment contract, training certificate, payment receipts, bank account statement, etc.).

- NIE number.

- Passport.

- Valid residence permit or visa.

- Local bank account for rent payment.

- Letter of recommendation from the previous landlord (if available).

Housing prices depend on the size of the city and the location of the accommodation: big cities like Barcelona and Madrid are more expensive, while prices in Valencia are moderate. Smaller cities, such as Tarragona or Alicante, are much cheaper.

If you are already provided with housing, just register at the Center for Assistance to Foreigners and receive a residence and work permit. If there is no housing, try contacting the helpline for refugees from Ukraine +34 91 047 44 44.

Where to look for work?

Ukrainians who have obtained the status of temporary protection in Spain have the right to employment. Refugees can register at the labor exchange in Spain, but the probability of finding a job through it is minimal. Therefore, it is better to look for options for employment on your own, for example, on one of the following resources: Jooble, Infojobs, LinkedIn, Indeed and Turijobs.

Working in Spain usually requires knowing the language and having certain skills. If they are not available, you can expect only a low salary. However, it is enough to provide oneself with basic necessities.

Education for Ukrainian children in Spain

Ukrainian children in Spain have the same rights to education as citizens of the country. An application for admission to a preschool or school can be submitted to the Bureau of Service and Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine.

How to extend temporary protection in Spain?

To extend the status of temporary protection in Spain, it is not necessary to apply to the institutions, the permit will be renewed automatically.

Find more detailed information about the procedure for obtaining temporary protection in Spain on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

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