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08 Nov. 2022


Putin's doubles: how many of them and how to distinguish fake dictators



Putin's doubles: how many of them and how to distinguish fake dictators

There are no small donations! Your help is an important contribution to Victory!
There are no small donations! Your help is an important contribution to Victory!

vladimir putin is the president of a country that is constantly in the center of attention of the whole world because of its aggression and manipulation. The power of russia has been in the hands of one person for the past 22 years. Everything that happens in the country does not pass by the "dictator". His control extends to all branches of the russian federation. Therefore, putin is under the protection of reliable security forces, who are able to substitute their breasts in emergency situations to protect the tsar. However, not only reliable security is used for its protection, but also fake people. We tell you how many doppelgangers putin has and how they can be distinguished.

How many doubles does putin have?

The exact number of fake people used by the russian president is currently unknown. Because this information is carefully hidden and is a state secret. In addition, it is unlikely that the entire Kremlin knows about putin's doubles. Such information is available only to reliable people who are part of the very close circle of the russian dictator.

But, according to the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, Kyryll Budanov, putin uses at least three doubles. He said that the russian president used these people not so often. At the moment, according to the Ukrainian intelligence officer, they appear in public regularly.

"We know of three people who continue to appear. They all had plastic surgery to look the same," - Budanov said in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper.

What do they say about putin's doubles in the West?

After the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, British intelligence believes that putin is very ill. Even when he dies, it will not be known immediately. The dictator's death would be kept secret for weeks, if not months. The British claim that the Kremlin will specifically hide this information due to fears of a potential coup.

In addition, in Britain it is assumed that vladimir putin could have already died. But this information cannot be verified.

How to distinguish putin's doubles?

Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Ukraine, also revealed the information that putin's proxies are different from each other. He emphasizes that there are specialists in Ukrainian intelligence who specialize in this topic. And after analyzing the appearance of Putin's doubles, it becomes clear who is who.

"The picture, let's say, ears are different. And it's like a fingerprint, each person's ear picture is unique. It cannot be repeated," - Budanov explains.

He also claims that "putins" have different habits, manners, gait and even different heights.

Where do putin's doubles appear?

This question is also difficult, because the lookalikes are carefully selected so that no one will ever realize that they are facing a fake person.

However, if you believe candidate of legal sciences, former deputy of the State Duma Mark Feigin, putin does have doubles, but they are needed to perform an operational function.

"It's no secret: they drive in cars as distracting figures. Of course, in one of the cars with a flag, a doppelgänger is moving, these are FSS employees," - he said.

In addition, it is obvious that doppelgangers of the russian president appear on TV screens or at some unimportant meetings.

putin is not the only one

The russian president is not the only leader in the world who has impostors in his closet. Here are two more people who used doubles and left dark spots in history:

Joseph Stalin

In 2008, a man named Felix Dadayev publicly stated that he was one of four doppelgangers of the Soviet dictator. According to researchers, the Soviet leader was convinced that his life was in danger, and after the Second World War he thought that he was being hunted by German agents.

Adolf Hitler

According to some reports, the German Führer used different men as his doubles several times before and during the war. One of them is Yuliy Shrek. He was incredibly similar to the Führer.

It is also known about another double, Gustav Weller, who replaced Hitler from time to time and paid a high price for it. The Soviet military was very confused when, to distract them, the Nazis shot Weller themselves. When the Russians discovered Weller's corpse, they were convinced that it was the Führer. At least for a while.

Almost everyone knows that many influential people in politics, and not only that, have doppelgangers. However, history shows that regardless of whether dictators have doppelgangers or not, sooner or later their lives are cut short no matter how much they want to extend their time in power.

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