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03 Nov. 2022


Survival kits in elevators, or how Ukrainians take care of each other during blackouts



Survival kits in elevators, or how Ukrainians take care of each other during blackouts

Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day
Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day

The main strength of Ukrainians is unity and readiness for any situations. In the absence of light, instead of worrying about our own problems, we try to adapt to the new life, unite even more and take care of each other.

Elevator Survival Kit

Probably one of the most unpleasant situations that can happen due to a power outage is getting stuck in an elevator. Given the degree of workload of rescuers, sometimes you can wait for help for several hours. However, concerned Ukrainians began to leave "survival kits" in the elevators of their houses to support their neighbors if they find themselves in a de-energized elevator.

The basis of the set can be anything - a cardboard box, a plastic box and even a package, the main point is to help a neighbor in an unforeseen situation.

Usually the kit includes a small supply of food for long-term storage, water, a flashlight, a blanket, and napkins. However, the most inventive volunteers upgrade the set with folding chairs, sweets and sedatives.

The ad on the box advises not to use the "rescue kit" unnecessarily, and concerned neighbors follow this rule.

Such a simple initiative has become a real mainstream, because judging by the photos on social networks, such boxes are already in many high-rise buildings in Ukraine.

Conscious light consumption and road safety

Also, Ukrainians take care of each other when they consciously consume electricity. The authorities urge not to turn on several devices at the same time and to refuse to use electricity during peak hours. And every Ukrainian follows these rules, because he understands that by putting off washing or ironing things, he will save light for those who need it for cooking.

Those citizens who have a generator at home share electricity. Neighbors charge each other's phones so as not to lose contact or work.

The lack of light on the street is a very big problem for motorists. However, drivers began to note that pedestrians began to listen to their requests and take care of road safety. If you approach the crossing and simply shine a flashlight several times, the driver will see that there is a person there and slow down. Such a simple action will protect both the pedestrian and the driver from unnecessary problems. For their part, drivers have significantly reduced their speed when moving through city streets. More information on how to dress when the streetlights are off here.

Support in social networks

In social networks, Ukrainians, in order to support each other, create interesting selections of tips on how to entertain yourself without lights. The authors emphasize that in the pace of life in the modern world, we do not understand that the absence of light and the Internet is a golden time for what we usually do not have a free minute for - read a favorite book, play the guitar, if there is no light during the day - do needlework or just be alone with your thoughts.

Those Ukrainians who stocked up on power banks and mobile Internet during the hours of power outages meet on social networks to spend time together, chat, share the experience of life without electricity, and even meditate.

Also, more and more pictures are spreading on the Internet with tips on how to arrange your life without light, for example, how to cook scrambled eggs if you only have a candle.

Funny pictures about "life in the dark" deserve special attention - humor is the best support and protection in difficult moments.

Support in the family

Psychologists advise not to forget about your own family, because loved ones also need care.  Ukrainians listen to advice and support each other at home. The absence of light in the evening is the best time for a romantic candlelit dinner, or a great reason to decorate the house with battery-operated garlands with the children. This will create a special festive mood and protect the child from fear of the dark.


Ukrainians look for the positive in everything, and every test that the enemy prepares for us makes us more and more united, strong and indomitable.

Main photo: PashaXVI/Twitter