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12 Nov. 2022


Liberation of Kherson: rules of conduct in the de-occupied territories and useful contacts



Liberation of Kherson: rules of conduct in the de-occupied territories and useful contacts

Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day
Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day

Almost 9 months later, the Armed Forces took control of the right bank of the Kherson region, including the regional center - the city of Kherson. The only regional center occupied by the russian army since February 24, 2022. Despite the departure of the occupiers from the region, stabilization measures are still ongoing in the region, during which a number of rules must be followed. Currently, the Ukrainian military and special services are checking the territory of the city and region for the presence of russian invaders and explosive objects.

Kherson region is dangerous! Saboteurs can act and there are many "surprises"

Before the russian troops completely withdrew from the Kherson region, they did everything possible to massively damage critical infrastructure in the region and leave surprises in the form of streamers, mines and other explosive objects.

The General Staff explained that it is about mining large areas of terrain, roads, critical infrastructure facilities and other social security facilities.

It is worth noting that only in the last two days, at least 12 people have already been blown up on streamers and mines in the liberated territories of Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, and there are also dead ones.

It should also not be forgotten that there were about 30,000 russians in the territory of the Kherson region during the occupation. And hardly all of them were able to successfully leave the region. In this regard, as the Ministry of Defense's GUR said, the commanders of the russian armed forces ordered the soldiers to change into civilian clothes and try to move to the left bank of Kherson on their own (spoiler alert - the occupiers will not be able to get out alive). However, the russian military remaining in the liberated territory is also a danger, as they are armed and panicked.

The soldiers of the Armed Forces will take care of them, but it will take some time to catch them. Therefore, stabilization measures will continue in the region for at least a few more weeks.

Ukrainians are also urged not to return to the liberated settlements of the Kherson region for the time being due to possible massive shelling.

What rules must be followed during stabilization measures?

The authorities of the Kherson region on November 11 (the day of the liberation of the hero city of Kherson) call on residents to be as careful as possible in the near future.

1. upon seeing a suspicious object, do not touch it under any circumstances, but report its location to the military;

2. do not enter the administrative buildings where the invaders were;

3. do not examine or approach the occupiers' equipment and abandoned vehicles.

Also, every resident of the region must have a document with him so that in the event of an inspection, the military can identify the person. Keep in mind that the Ukrainian military wear identification marks - yellow or blue ribbons.

P.S. And, of course, we will remind you what passwords you need to know for "accurate" identification of a Ukrainian:

• the password "palyanytsia";

• "molodytsia";

• "nisenitnytsia";

• "terevenky";

• "pytsvirinok";

• and other similar words difficult for katsaps.

Where to contact if:

You decided to evacuate to safer regions of Ukraine:

▪️ 15:48 - 24-hour hotline of the Ministry of Reintegration on crisis issues: +38 (096) 078-84-33 for TOT communication via Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, +38 (044) 350-15-48 for international calls.

You want to inform the Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the movement of Russian troops, saboteurs and equipment:

▪️ - chatbot of the Security Service of Ukraine.

You want to receive social assistance for victims of war: information about payments, assistance and obtaining the status of an internally displaced person:

▪️ - "eDopomoga" site;

▪️ here - social assistance to Ukrainians during the war.

You want advice on what to do if you find unexploded ordnance:

▪️ is a site that will help you.

You need contacts and services to search for missing persons during the war:

▪️ here are useful contacts for Ukrainians.

You want to apply for war-damaged housing:

▪️ here are detailed instructions on how to do it.

How can residents of the de-occupied Kherson region get free firewood?

The Cabinet of Ministers has already made a decision to allocate 6,000 cubic meters of firewood and 6,000 potbelly stove to the residents of the Kherson region.

So far, 2,500 cubic meters of firewood have already been delivered, and about 610 cubic meters have already been received by the residents of the de-occupied settlements of the Kherson Region.

In order to get firewood, you need to submit an application and wait for it to be processed, after which you can receive wood for heating.

In the application, it is necessary to specify:

▪️ passport data;

▪️ contact information;

▪️ place of residence.

Attention! If you lost your documents and did not have time to restore them, no problem. Any identity document can be presented in "Diia".

If it is not possible to collect firewood on your own, the state will take care of you and deliver the wood directly to your yard.

The Visit Ukraine team congratulates the residents of Kherson and all Ukrainians on the liberation of the city. We urge citizens to observe all safety rules and be extremely careful during stabilization measures!

We believe in ourselves, in the Armed Forces, in Ukraine! Victory is coming soon!