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31 Mar. 2022


How to file a claim for damaged property during the war?



How to file a claim for damaged property during the war?

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As a result of Russia's full-scale invasion, thousands of people have been left homeless in various cities across the country. The state is doing everything to rebuild every house and every street. Diia app started the process of gathering information to record losses.

You can now claim the damaged property in Diia app:

🔘 private houses (manor, country and garden);

🔘 apartments;

🔘 other living property (for which a separate property right is registered, and not as part of the house).

❓📲How to apply in Diia

1️⃣ Open Diia and press 👉🏻 Services 👉🏻 Damaged Property

2️⃣ Fill in the form, providing all the necessary information

Only the homeowner can apply. To fill out the form, you will need information about the object, photos and videos of the damage and your contacts.

Wait for information on the start of the government's assessment and compensation procedure.

📹Detailed video instruction on how to claim damaged property in Diia is already on the YouTube channel of Visit Ukraine