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15 Nov. 2022


Winter fines for drivers in Poland: what you can pay 500 zlotys for



Winter fines for drivers in Poland: what you can pay 500 zlotys for

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Driving a car is always closely related to safety issues, especially in winter. Every experienced driver knows the basic rules of traveling in difficult weather conditions. However, sometimes in Poland you can get a fine for actions quite common for Ukrainian drivers.

Safety rules for drivers in winter

The first thing a car owner does when the cold season approaches is to change summer tires to winter tires. Although there is no rule in Poland that obliges car owners to change tires, drivers must use the vehicle in such a way that it does not pose a danger to other road users. Due to the fact that the weather in Poland in winter is similar to Ukraine, it is worth worrying about safe tires (winter or all-season). However, please note that studded tires are prohibited in Poland.

The rule of mandatory observance of a safe distance from other vehicles while driving becomes especially relevant in winter. The distance should be half the speed at which the car is moving. For example, at a speed of 100 km/h on the highway, the distance between cars is 50 m. For non-compliance with these requirements, the driver can pay a fine of 300 - 500 zlotys.

Daytime running lights, and in the absence of them, the low beam of the headlights during daylight hours on the car must be turned on all year round. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a fine from PLN 100 to PLN 300, depending on the time of day and location of the violation.

Fog lights can be turned on only in conditions of fog and insufficient visibility (up to 50 m). A fine of PLN 100 for violating the rules for using fog lights.

Winter fines in Poland

Prohibition on warming up the engine. Ukrainian drivers are used to warming up the engine before driving in the cold season. However, in Poland, running the engine while parking the car for longer than 1 minute is considered a violation. The amount of the fine is PLN 100. Also, if the driver leaves the car with the engine running, he faces a fine of PLN 50. You will have to pay even more money if you decide to leave your car in the yard of a residential building. The fine for causing inconvenience due to excessive emission of exhaust gases or excessive noise is PLN 300.

It is forbidden to drive a snow-covered car, because falling snow while driving can not only reduce visibility for the driver, but also cause an accident. Therefore, for driving a car in the snow, you will have to pay a fine from 20 to 500 zlotys and receive 6 penalty points.

Dirty headlights are dangerous in winter, because the light flow becomes weaker and visibility is worse due to snow. The fine for snow or dirt on the headlights is PLN 200 and 3 penalty points.

You will have to pay up to PLN 500 for driving with a dirty windshield. Therefore, we do not advise you to drive with a partially clean windshield, without windshield wiper fluid, or with defective windshield wipers.

Dirt on a license plate significantly reduces its readability. A fine for snow or ice on the room is up to PLN 100.

Riding on a sled that is tied to a car can lead to a great tragedy. Therefore, in Poland for such actions you can receive a rather large fine, up to 500 zlotys.

We will remind you that law enforcement officers in Poland often patrol the roads in civilian cars without identification marks.

We talked about fines on Polish roads and changes in penalty points for drivers in Poland since September in more detail. It is also important to remember the rules of the road for pedestrians.