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16 Nov. 2022


PUE ZUS account: how to set up an account on the Polish platform

For refugees
PUE ZUS account: how to set up an account on the Polish platform

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

The platform of electronic services (PUE) provided by the Institute of Social Insurance (ZUS) is a website that allows you to solve many questions related to ZUS without leaving your home. It can be used by both insured persons (employees, contractors, etc.) and entrepreneurs. We will tell you why PUE ZUS is intended and how to set up an account on the platform of electronic services (PUE)?

What services are provided on the PUE ZUS platform?

On the PUE ZUS website, a person can use a number of services provided by the Institute of Social Insurance. Including:

• quick transfer of insurance documents (ePłatnik application will help with this, thanks to which an entrepreneur can, among other things, report an employee to ZUS or pay contributions for himself or an employee),

• uploading the necessary documents (in the case of beneficiaries - for example ZUS ZLA or PIT for calculations with the tax inspectorate),

• organization of visits to ZUS units (PUE will offer the address of the unit corresponding to your home address),

• effective access to data collected by ZUS (if you are an employee, you can check your data on your ZUS account, its status, calculate your future pension or check your sick leave),

• submitting various types of applications to the social insurance institution (ZUS) and receiving answers to them (for example, through PUE, you can apply for a certificate of underpayment with contributions and receive it online), also through PUE ZUS you can apply for the so-called 500+ program manual.

How to use PUE ZUS?

Creating an account at PUE ZUS can make life a lot easier. You will be able to avoid numerous visits to ZUS branches and long queues.

Persons over the age of 18 can register on the electronic services platform.

Creating an account on PUE ZUS can be done in a few steps:

You can create an account on the ZUS website ("Register profile" option). The next stage is identity verification (in person at the ZUS office, electronic - if you have an electronic signature or through the electronic banking system, if we have an account with a bank that has signed an agreement with ZUS).

1. Go to ZUS.pl and click "Zarejestruj w PUE"

2. From the available registration methods, select the "Dla Ciebie" option,

Then complete the registration through your electronic bank or using a trusted profile, also registration can be completed through a qualified electronic signature.

Attention! If you do not have any of the above options, select the yellow button "Do rejestracija" and then fill out the form. For this type of registration, you will need a visit to ZUS to confirm your identity. The person must be confirmed no later than within 7 days from the date of registration.

Advantages of creating a PUE ZUS account through electronic banking, using a trusted profile or through a qualified electronic signature

• To avoid the need to visit a ZUS institution, it is recommended to register through the system of electronic banking services. To do this, when choosing a registration method, select the "Your electronic bank" option, and then select the icon of the bank that serves you. After being redirected to the e-banking site, you must log in the same way as you would to your bank account. After logging in and confirming the data, the system will automatically redirect you to the PUE platform.

• The option to register with a trusted profile is intended, in particular, for people who have a trusted profile. After clicking the "PROFILE ZAUFANY/LOGIN.GOV.PL" button, you will be redirected to login.gov.pl.

Importantly! Those with an electronic ID ie. e-dowod can also enter PUE ZUS without the need for additional identity verification. Thanks to your personal identification card, you can efficiently access public administration portals and sign documents electronically.

• If you have a qualified electronic signature, you can choose this method of registration in PUE. After selecting this option, you will be redirected to the registration page with a qualified electronic signature. According to the instructions, place the card in the cryptographic card reader and press the "Sign statement" button.

After correctly filling out the registration form, the social insurance institution (ZUS) displays a window with information about the successful registration of the profile. A login message is also sent to the email address specified in the form.

Pay attention! From January 1, 2023, every contributor in Poland (employers and self-employed) must have a PUE ZUS profile.

How to apply through the mZUS mobile application?

To activate the program, you need to connect it to your PUE ZUS profile.

You can install the program on Android and iOS.

Using the mZUS program, foreigners living in Poland can use the following services:

• Applying for child care allowance 500+ and allowance 300+ ("Dobry Start"). At the same time, if the assistance was previously issued electronically, you can create a new application based on the previous one - the data will be uploaded automatically. If something has changed, you can correct the information.

• If you have children registered for health insurance in ZUS, you can select them in the application wizard.

• Quick status check of previously submitted applications.

• Access to applications submitted to ZUS.

• View data on benefit payments: check the amount and date of accrual/payment.

• Establishing a telephone contact with the ZUS hotline (allowing the appropriate connection on the gadget).

• Booking an electronic visit to ZUS.

• Receiving messages — ZUS will remind, for example, about the possibility of submitting applications for a new grace period.

Over time, the list of available functions will be expanded, in particular, with additional capabilities of other family guides.