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16 Nov. 2022


Presidential dress code: what putin and Zelensky wear



Presidential dress code: what putin and Zelensky wear

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We all know that politicians like to spend money on fancy cars, designer clothes and expensive accessories. However, not everyone demonstrates their "luxury" purchases in public, as the "Führer" of russia, vladimir putin, does. Although, on the other hand, why not show the russians what their taxes are spent on. So, let's look into the wardrobe of the main dictator of the 21st century and compare how his main opponent - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi - dresses against putin's background.

You might have noticed that during the war, the presidents of Ukraine and russia wear completely different clothes: Zelensky prefers military style, but putin does not mind showing himself in branded clothes.

putin's clothes. What a "heavy suite" the dictator wears

Everyone probably remembers how this year vladimir putin, speaking at a pro-war rally in Luzhniki, flashed his Loro Piana jacket for almost 12 thousand dollars. If you simply connect the math, you can understand that the cost of one of these jackets is 31 times higher than the average monthly salary in russia.

That day, putin combined his outerwear with a designer jumper, which, according to the Mirror newspaper, cost the treasury more than 2.8 thousand dollars.

The russian president is also called the "man in black" for his love of black clothes. These things are sewn to order and the cost of one such suit, according to some data, is about 5.5 thousand dollars.

But that's not all! Putin simply adores the Italian brand Brioni, which dressed James Bond. In addition, the "Führer" likes branded shoes, for example, John Lobb or Salvatore Ferragamo. Of course, the price tags for these things are calculated in thousands of dollars.

But the weakness of the russian president has always been accessories, namely watches. According to media reports, putin's watch collection is worth about 600,000 dollars. But at the same time, there is a watch in his collection that could cost russian taxpayers a large amount - up to half a million dollars. This is the Perpetual Calendar 3974 star model.

Also, putin, like an "ordinary" russian man, has several villas, one of which was revealed during the investigation of the russian opposition leader Oleksii Navalny. In addition, he owns luxury cars and yachts, among them "Secret Scheherazade" for 700 million dollars.

putin easily affords luxury while most russians have never seen a toilet in their home.

Zelensky's clothes. Low-key Sauconys and a $200 jacket

It is possible that the president of Ukraine has branded clothes and nice cars. But unlike putin, Zelenskyi always tries to be closer to the people and does not demonstrate his expenses. For example, the network began to compare what the leaders of Ukraine and russia wear when the Ukrainian leader visited Bucha, destroyed by russian troops, wearing Saucony JAZZ sneakers in a camouflage color. On the Internet, the cost of these shoes ranges from $50 to $70 per pair. The president was also recently spotted wearing the Nike Air Max Triax 96 SP. On the Ukrainian market, they cost UAH 3,878.

Also, Zelensky very often appears in public in similar t-shirts - khaki with the coat of arms or flag of Ukraine. The average price for a T-shirt is UAH 500. The president himself told a Ukrainian publication in one of his interviews that he has several such T-shirts. But the upper wardrobe of the leader of Ukraine consists of tactical military jackets - M-Tac, the price of which is 200 dollars.

The Ukrainian president is also a fan of original plain t-shirts with the inscription I'm Ukrainian. As Zelensky himself once said in one of the interviews, Ukrainian designers often send him military-style T-shirts, so he does not have to pay for them.

As for Zelensky's accessories, before his presidency, he was spotted wearing Hublot #M4097. Their price today is about 24 thousand hryvnias. However, the family of the Ukrainian president, according to the declaration, owns a collection of watches: Tag Heuer, Rolex, Graff, Piaget and Breguet, the value of which is not specified.

The car fleet of the President of Ukraine consists of a 2016 Range Rover worth 4.7 million hryvnias and a 2014 Mercedes-Benz S 500 worth 1.8 million hryvnias.

It should be taken into account that before his tenure, Zelenskyi managed the "Kvartal 95" studio, and his expenses are probably made with this money. The president was not involved in corruption and bribery, which cannot be said about the russian leader, who spends money on an aggressive war, when the people of russia suffer from unemployment and live in poverty.

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