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19 Nov. 2022


Ukrainian metro: rules of conduct and additional services



Ukrainian metro: rules of conduct and additional services

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

In Ukraine, metro has been built in only three cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro. In one working day, approximately 1.4 million people use the services of the Kyiv "underground". On average, since the opening of the Kyiv metro, 17 billion people have traveled in it, 9.5 billion in Kharkiv. The Dnipro metro is one of the shortest in Europe, its length is 7.8 km. However, it is the youngest in Ukraine, the line was opened in 1995. Three additional stations are currently under construction in the city.

The metro is the fastest and most convenient form of public transport. However, in addition to transportation, you can get additional services in the metro. It is also worth remembering that using the subway requires compliance with certain rules of behavior.

Rules of behavior in the subway

The most important thing to remember is that the subway tracks are under high voltage, so it is forbidden to get down on the tracks and walk on them.

What to do if you fall on the subway tracks?

In case of falling onto the track, never try to get out of the dangerous place on your own and do not approach the platform. It is necessary to move along the track to a place at the end of the station on the side of the departure of trains, under the electric clock. Help will be provided by the person on duty at the station. You can contact the person on duty via the intercom "passenger-operator" located near the escalator or on the platform of the station, controller, cashier or police officer.

What to do if the thing fell on the subway rails?

You do not need to try to get the thing yourself, but immediately contact the person on duty at the station. He has special tongs designed to pick up fallen things.

What to do if a person is sick?

If you saw that someone became ill in a subway car, you should immediately contact the driver of the electric train using the "Passenger-Driver" emergency call. For these purposes, each carriage has a special remote control with a call button, a camera and a microphone. Be sure to tell the driver the car number, it is indicated above the console or near the train door. After applying, the driver will call a doctor to the nearest station. You can try to provide first aid: sit down or better lay down the victim, unbutton the clothes and wave a newspaper or magazine in front of his face, sprinkle his face with cold water, gently pat his cheeks.

If someone feels sick on the platform, contact the person on duty or any other station employee.

Actions during an emergency in the subway

Whatever happens: a fire, a terrorist act or a "blackout", your main task is to keep calm. Listen carefully to the instructions of the station staff and act according to their instructions. In the event of an emergency in the subway, according to the instructions, the person on duty will start the escalators to the exit. Thus, everyone will have time to get upstairs.

What to do if you find yourself in a crowd in the subway?

If you find yourself in a crowd, do not resist him. Allow yourself to be carried and guided - move with everyone. The main thing is not to fall. If possible, try to get rid of heavy bags, packages or an umbrella. While moving, try to carefully move to the edge of the crowd, so you can get out of it. However, avoid walls - you can be crushed or take damage.

Actions during emergency braking

Try to grab the handrail quickly. If you fall, try to group yourself and protect your head with your hands.

What to do if the train stopped in the tunnel?

Firstlу, we draw your attention to the fact that a stop in the tunnel does not always mean that an emergency situation has arisen. Most often, this happens because the boarding and disembarking process of the train moving ahead has been delayed. The stop at the station should not be more than 20 seconds, if it exceeds the calculated time, then the next train must "slow down". In case of an emergency, listen to the instructions of the driver and leave the car only when he allows it. To do this, open the door or break the windows, if necessary.

If you forgot something in the subway, you can find the missing item by contacting the lost and found office:

• a special bureau was created in the Kyiv metro. It is located at the "Nyvky" station of the Svyatoshynsko-Brovarska line. The working hours are daily from 08:00 to 17:00, on Fridays from 08:00 to 15:45 (lunch break from 12:00 to 12:45), except for weekends and holidays. Contact phone number - (044) 238-43-13.

• in Kharkiv, it is necessary to search at the bureau of finds of the Kharkiv police. Contact number: (057) 707-01-20.

• in Dnipro, contact a subway employee, a station attendant or a police representative.

The lack of trash cans in the metro is also directly related to safety issues. It is the most convenient place to plant a bomb. It is also a fire prevention measure. Garbage can easily ignite and cause a large fire. For example, in 1987 in Great Britain, at the station "Kings Cross", there was a fire due to a match thrown into an urn. Then 31 people died.

Remember! During an air alert, the subway does not carry out transportation on ground sections and closes the operation of open-type stations. In addition, underground metro stations work as shelters.

Additional services in the metro

Free drinking fountains and toilets are available at the stations for the comfortable movement of passengers.

The metro is equipped with means of communication: mobile operators work, the Internet is available.

Mobility for people with disabilities. Metro employees organize escort for passengers who need it. It is necessary to call no later than an hour before the planned transfer and inform the date, time and route of departure in the subway in order to organize an escort.

 Contact number:

• Kyiv: (044) 238-55-11;

• Kharkiv: 731-00-00, 0800-507-507.

Also, on the territory of the metro in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro, you can additionally receive paid services for film, video shooting or presentations. The cost of services for holding events on the territory of the metro is negotiable. It is established in accordance with the calculation of costs: the delivery of the train to the venue of the event, the cost of electricity, the operation of escalators, other technical means involved, the costs of escort and technical supervision by subway employees, etc.

We will remind you! Earlier, we talked about the free services of "Ukrzaliznytsia", which not all passengers know about. Read more about what you can use while traveling by train at the link.

Photo: Kyiv Metro

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