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26 Nov. 2022


Radio, satellite and online. How to find out the news if the broadcast does not work?



Radio, satellite and online. How to find out the news if the broadcast does not work?

More useful news in our Telegram channel
More useful news in our Telegram channel

In connection with constant blackouts, citizens, in particular, are left without television, and therefore without news. The State Special Communications Service told where and how to find out the news if the broadcast is not working.

It is worth noting that during the blackout it is important to stay in the information field, because the situation in the country (air threat and other warnings) can change at any moment.

Thus, the department named several ways in which citizens can inform themselves in such a case:


Turn on the radio in your car, smartphone, or find a battery-powered radio.

Then you need to find "Ukrainian Radio" in the FM range or in the AM range (or on medium waves on old receivers). Frequencies for your area can be found here.

"Ukrainian Radio" is also broadcast by "Promin", "Kultura" and some commercial radio stations, for example, "Hit FM" and "Melodia".

In addition, you can use Internet radio. However, you can listen to it only if you have a fixed Internet connection. Search for Ukrainian radio broadcasting at the link, as well as here.


As soon as the full-scale war began, Ukrainian television was decoded by satellite. The signal can be picked up by any satellite receiver or TV with a built-in receiver on the Astra 4A satellite.


You can follow the news:

On official government channels in Telegram or other social networks

• subscribe to the official channels of state and local authorities, as well as the security and defense sectors in Telegram or in another social network or messenger that is convenient for you. Telegram will be able to upload news to your smartphone even under weak signal conditions;

• find the nearest "Unbreakable Point" in advance if you have a complete loss of Internet and connection;

• be sure to turn off the automatic download of videos and photos in the messenger settings and leave only the necessary channels. So you will reduce the load on the network.

On media sites or pages in social networks

• refuse to consume news in video format in favor of text formats;

• read only official Ukrainian media and do not consume content from unverified sources. This will help save not only mobile traffic, but also your health.

On online platforms

• you can watch Ukrainian television on YouTube, on the platforms of Kyivstar TV, Megogo, Omega TV, as well as in the "Diia" program.

The State Intelligence Service also asks citizens, in the absence of a fixed Internet connection, to refuse to watch television online on any platforms, even with minimal permission. Also, do not include online games and any applications that excessively consume mobile traffic.

We will remind you! Previously, we talked about how to stay in touch when the Internet disappears. You can familiarize yourself with popular offline messengers in our material.