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24 Nov. 2022


Entertainment during a blackout: what do Ukrainians do during power outages



Entertainment during a blackout: what do Ukrainians do during power outages

We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We raise funds for: power banks, flashlights, warm blankets, arrangements for bomb shelters
We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We raise funds for: power banks, flashlights, warm blankets, arrangements for bomb shelters

Russian missiles do not stop destroying critical infrastructure facilities. In order for energy companies to quickly restore light to Ukrainian cities, planned and emergency power outages are introduced. When cities plunge into darkness, Ukrainians do not lose optimism, but find ways to spend their time interestingly and usefully and reorganize their everyday life and habits. Next, we tell you what you can do during a blackout.

A savior phone or more time with relatives?

A smartphone or other gadgets have not become a solution to boredom or stress. First, they need power, and it is inappropriate to spend precious charge on social networks or games. In addition, watching the news feed or passing the next level of the game quickly gets boring.

The telephone was replaced by board games under the light of flashlights or candles and conversations with relatives and friends.

Many also use the blackout as an opportunity to go to the gym or hair salon, do art, read a book, or even write poetry.

Start working while there is light

In the first weeks of a large-scale war, memes circulated on the Internet about the importance of taking a shower in between alarms. Today, the alarms, unfortunately, have not disappeared, at the same time there have been breaks between blackouts.

Ukrainians have learned to plan. Not all of us were in the habit of planning our day by the hour. Now Ukrainians adapt to the blackout schedule, like students to the lecture schedule.

"Before, I didn't plan my day as clearly as I do now. I understand that there is no light from 8:00 to 10:00, and during this time I try not to be at home. For example, I go to the gym, or try to go for a manicure, make an appointment with friends about a meeting, etc.", - Ukrainian Anna shared.

She emphasized that now, before signing up for certain services, she always checks whether the institution can work without electricity or whether it has generators.

Cooking according to the schedule

With the beginning of scheduled and emergency shutdowns, many Ukrainians have changed their cooking habits. From now on, many people buy products that do not need to be specially prepared and that have a longer shelf life without a refrigerator.

Checklist of the most important things to do while there is light:

• Charge all devices;

• Prepare food;

• Wash the dishes;

• Wash your hair and dry it;

• Wash and iron clothes.

The positive side of the blackout

Due to the need to adapt to the circumstances, it became necessary to negotiate with people more often. Sometimes this applies to work, because the processes cannot be stopped, and it is difficult to work without electricity. Sometimes you need to use negotiation skills to agree on a place in a co-working space.

The lack of communication and the Internet does not mean that people have lost the desire to communicate. Many invite friends to visit or finally have the opportunity to meet their neighbors - you can spend time together and help each other in a critical situation.

What else can you do when it's dark?

The most popular ways to pass the time are board games, reading books, music, and shopping. However, you can be creative and do anything that will bring you benefit and pleasure. For example, practice first aid. Find out how to apply simple bandages or immobilize a limb ahead of time and practice on your loved ones.

If the dark bothers you, go where there is light or find an activity in a group. Group yoga or pilates are surprisingly helpful. You will support your body, and darkness and candles will create the necessary environment for relaxation. However, you can also meditate or do exercises at home - light candles and forget about worries.

Do art. Draw, write poems, embroider or knit in daylight or by lighted candles.

Spend time talking with loved ones. Use the lack of light to learn more about your grandparents, interesting family stories, and share your own thoughts.

We also recommend spending time with your pets. Go outside to walk your dog or play with your cat or hamster at home.

Remember that every challenge can be seen as an opportunity. The absence of light is a time to get closer to relatives, do sports or find a new hobby. Now it is extremely difficult to find a way to relax and regain strength, but it is necessary to stay healthy, work and help Ukraine and the Armed Forces.