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27 Nov. 2022


How banks work during a blackout and updated cash withdrawal limits



How banks work during a blackout and updated cash withdrawal limits

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Due to emergency power outages, Ukrainians en masse began to prepare for a complete blackout in the country. In particular, citizens suddenly began to empty ATMs, as a result of which huge queues formed near banks and other cash withdrawal points.

Against the background of the agitation, the National Bank published a list of branches that will work even in conditions of long-term power outages. Some banks have also stepped up to meet customers and increased withdrawal limits. More details below.

In Ukraine, 760 bank branches will work during the blackout. Where to look?

In connection with the constant shelling of the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, the NBU has thought out a plan for the uninterrupted operation of the banking system in the event of an emergency. This plan includes such an item as the creation of a network of branches covering Kyiv and another 275 settlements in 22 regions of Ukraine.

Branches designed for continuous operation already have the necessary equipment and communication channels.

You can get acquainted with the list of these branches here:

interactive map (branches throughout Ukraine are marked);

PDF file;

• download the XLSX file.

What is the cash withdrawal limit and is there a commission?


The Oschadbank decided to cancel the commission and additional limits for cash withdrawals from its ATMs for cards of all banks.

Thus, after the appropriate decision, customers of any banks are allowed to withdraw cash from Oschadbank ATMs in the amount of 50,000 hryvnias from one card per day.

In addition, in order to simplify citizens' access to necessary financial services in the current conditions, the bank removed the withdrawal fee for payment cards of all banks.


"Privat", in turn, with the same goal, decided to set single limits for cash transfers in the bank's ATM network from cards of PrivatBank and other Ukrainian banks at the level of 20,000 hryvnias.

Card users of any bank can get this amount at a PrivatBank ATM in one transaction and repeat it after three hours.

We will remind you! In Ukraine, against the backdrop of the threat of a complete blackout, Points of Invincibility began to be deployed. You can get acquainted with the addresses, services and terms of accommodation by following the link.