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27 Nov. 2022


How to prepare for a blackout?


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How to prepare for a blackout?

We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We raise funds for: power banks, flashlights, warm blankets, arrangements for bomb shelters
We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We raise funds for: power banks, flashlights, warm blankets, arrangements for bomb shelters

After the Russian attack on critical infrastructure facilities on November 23, a blackout occurred in Ukraine's energy system. All nuclear power plants located on the territory under the control of the Ukrainian authorities have stopped their work. Millions of people in various regions of Ukraine were left without electricity, communication, water and heating. Large-scale repair work was carried out by energy workers, and already in the evening of November 24, the state's energy system was connected, power plants started to work, and the situation partially stabilized.

              However, the enemy is very insidious, so the authorities predict repeated attacks as early as next week and call on Ukrainians to work on mistakes and prepare more carefully for a possible blackout. Learn more about how to do this.

Useful and effective tips to be prepared for a blackout

• Buy an electric generator

An autonomous power station is suitable for owners of private houses. It is forbidden to use them in high-rise buildings, because it is dangerous for life and health. When using, strictly follow the rules of operation. Also, take into account the need to purchase a fuel supply.

EcoFlow is ideal for an apartment - this is a portable charging station. Such a device can charge simultaneously from 7 to 13 devices. Almost all of them have outputs: 1-4 ordinary sockets, USB for ordinary and high-speed charging, charging for laptops. Stations are recharged from the socket, the sun or a car.

• Stock up on drinking and technical water

The minimum stock should be at least 3 days. On average, one adult needs 1.5-2 liters of drinking water and 10-12 liters of technical water per day.

Tips on how to purify drinking water and a map of pumping stations at the link.

• Prepare a supply of food

Products should have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration: energy bars, chocolate, oatmeal, instant noodles, canned food, stew, cookies, meat snacks. In connection with the cold season, it is currently possible to store products that need cooling outside: in the yard of a private house or on the balcony of an apartment. However, if the products have been stored at a different temperature, be sure to dispose of them.

If necessary, prepare baby food. Also, don't forget to stock up on pet food.

• Take care of the first aid kit

Consider the needs of all family members. People with chronic diseases are advised to make an action plan with their doctor in case of a power outage, as well as, if necessary, find an alternative way to cool medicines and power medical devices.

• Home lighting

Buy night lamps, camping lanterns, candles, matches and battery-operated string lights.

• Prepare for mobile service interruptions

If the mobile network is not available, use national roaming. Discuss in advance with family and friends where you will meet in case of emergency and lack of communication.

• Keep your cell phone charged

Do not discharge your device below 20-30%. It is better to charge the phone one more time. In the event of a power outage, keep your smartphone charged.

• Charge all power banks you have

• Home internet

Find out from the provider whether your Internet is working during a blackout. If so, buy a power bank and a special cord to connect the router to it and not lose connection.

• In case there is no heating, prepare warm clothes

We also advise you to take care of the preparation of your home. However, in search of alternative methods of heating, one should not forget about the danger of illegal heating.

• Find out the addresses of "Unbreakable Points" in your city

Here you can warm up, charge your phone, drink tea and get other types of help. More information about centers and addresses at the link.

• Prepare flashlights for each family member

Also, do not forget to take care of the supply of batteries for them.

• Download offline maps, such as Google Maps

• Save public transport routes in your city

• Prepare to move through the streets in the dark

In case there is no light outside, take care of a flashlight and appropriate clothing.

• Think about entertainment during the blackout

Take this time as an opportunity to be with your loved ones, read a book, or do other things that you have been putting off for a long time.

• Prepare electrical appliances and electronics according to instructions.

Learn how to properly turn on household appliances after the power is restored. Also, don't forget to use electrical appliances and lighting sparingly to help power workers overcome the effects of shelling.

Furthermore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the list of things, devices and products in case of a power outage. Tourist life hacks will come in handy, which will prevent you from freezing and starving in the winter in the apartment. Rules of preparation for winter at the link.

Keep yourselves! Everything will be Ukraine!

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